things only your bestie will do for you

#Aww: 20 Things Only Your Bestie Will Ever Do For You!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

No matter where and what situation you find yourself in, your sister from another mister will always have your back. We give you the things only your bestie will ever do for you. Go show her some love!

1. Stay up consoling you on a Monday night because you had a fight with your boyfriend.

things only your bestie will do for you

2. Text you a million times when you’re on a first date to check up on you.

3. Turn up at your house with a cake for your parent’s anniversary when you’ve forgotten to plan it and needed last minute help.

things only your bestie will do for you

4. Give you endless wake-up calls to make sure you don’t miss your early morning flight.

5. Surprise you with a cute top that reminded her of you when she was out shopping.

things only your bestie will do for you

6. Fly from another city just to surprise you on your birthday.

7. Ditch spending time with her boyfriend when you’re upset about not having gotten that job you thought you were perfect for!

8. Remind you that you’re strong, successful and beautiful after a loooong frustrating day at work!

9. Give you her honest opinion when you ask her if you look fat in your favourite dress.

10. Stalk that guy you like on social media better than the FBI!


11. Practically move in with you when you fall sick and are home alone!

12. Buy you a cupcake just like that. :)

things only your bestie will do for you

13. Go and give that jerk who cheated on you a piece of her mind. He wouldn’t have known what hit him!

14. Lend you money without expecting it back from you.

15. Cover for you when you’re staying over at your boyfriend’s place (even when you’ve forgotten to warn her that her mum will be calling to check!!)

things only your bestie will do for you

16. Rush to the pharmacy at 7 a.m. to buy you a pregnancy test when you’re freaking out

17. Make sure you get home safe and sound after a big night out when you can’t walk straight and super likely to lose your phone, clutch or both!!

18. Decide to not like someone, just because you don’t like him/her!

things only your bestie will do for you

19. Honestly tell you whether or not the guy you’re dating is worth your time

20. Not judge you for being weird or foolish and accept you despite all the things you've done that you’re not particularly proud of!!

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Published on Apr 28, 2015
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