#GirlsOnly: 7 Things Women Can Do That Men Wish They Could!

#GirlsOnly: 7 Things Women Can Do That Men Wish They Could!
Why do you think men have been denying women equality all these years? It’s quite possibly because they know something women were made to doubt centuries ago: if given equal opportunity, women fare better than men! As the battle between the sexes seems to continue and unfold each and every passing day – what with what’s whose “choice” and what not – we bring you 7 things we’re SURE men wish they could pull off like women!

1. Multi-tasking like a boss

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen, making a mental grocery list, recalling pointers for tomorrow’s presentation - all at once...cakewalk, right? Not for men! The self-proclaimed “stronger sex” has a gravely difficult time doing even two things at once, and that includes texting while driving. Take that, biology!

things men wish they could do 1

2. Charming their way out of speeding tickets/ challans

Not that we’re recommending this, but it’s been known to happen! When a cop sees a guy breaking a traffic rule, his first thought is, “Something’s fishy, and he looks rich!” When a cop sees a girl breaking a rule, his first thought is, “I’m sure it was a mistake, I’ll just let her go with a warning…” Combine that with a little bit of, “Sorry, sir. I guess I just couldn’t see the red light,” and voila!

3. Looking like a million bucks

Let’s face it: with the right makeup, hair and heels, a woman can look like a million freakin’ bucks in a 300-rupee dress from Sarojini Nagar. Guys, however, have to lighten their pockets substantially to be able to make an impression. Them suits don’t come cheap. Ever!

things men wish they could do 3

4. Scoring free drinks

This doesn’t need much of an explanation, now, does it? Gents’ Night is not a prevalent concept yet. Phheww!

things men wish they could do 4

5. Two words: multiple orgasms

It’s been proven scientifically that women are capable of a bunch of little orgasms at once, as opposed to the one experienced by men. This, as well as the many erogenous zones a woman’s body has… Aaaah, sweet, sweet revenge!

6. Healing through retail therapy

Call it superficial, but our go-to therapy session after a bad breakup or even a completely crap day at work includes a huge mall and a plastic card. There’s nothing a little black dress or the perfect pair of heels can’t help heal. Word!

things men wish they could do 6

7. Saying no to sex without being offensive

“I’m too tired”, “I’m on my period” or even “Just not in the mood for it” sound just fine coming out of a woman’s mouth. Replace her with a man in the same scenario, and you have yourselves a before-bed argument. Welcome to our world of tranquility…

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