Stop Worrying! 10 Things Your Guy Does NOT Care About

Stop Worrying! 10 Things Your Guy Does NOT Care About
Yes, we worry about random things all day long. Especially when it comes to our partners. Did he think that I was uncool when I said that, that I wasn’t looking great that evening, that I shamelessly devoured that burger - these are questions that plague us all the time. Now, important as they are in the initial phases of any romance, some things matter less once your relationship has hit an even keel, and you guys have been together for a while and know that it's probably going to last. To make your life (and your relationship) just a little bit smoother and stress-free, we give you 10 things that your guy does NOT care about  any longer! Breathe easy, girl, you’re doing just fine. :)

1. Whether your legs are perfectly hair-free or not

You might have had a terribly busy week and missed that parlour appointment, or just didn’t feel like it - you don’t have to be perfectly shaved/waxed all the time. Just don't push the envelope too much with this one. ;)

things men do not care about

2. If you’re perfectly perfumed all the time

Yeah, B.O. sucks, and personal hygiene is essential for every girl - and you MUST shower and stay clean! But when we tell you that you don’t have to smell like a garden of roses every time you get intimate with your partner, we really mean it! After all, doesn’t “hot and sweaty” have a worth-a-shot ring to it?

3. Those burps and other annoying things

So what if you couldn’t help passing wind while he was in the room, or that post-dinner burp? Relax, we are human beings and it’s how ALL our bodies are wired. Besides, even if it could be considered a crime, then men, women and even animals (yes, that’s right) are equally guilty!

things men do not care about

4. How you look “down there”

No, you don’t need to groom yourself down there especially for him. It’s your decision whether you want to go au naturel or make a trip to the salon for some fuzz control. He does not care too much - he is happy to be lucky enough to have access to your ladybits!

5. Whom you talk to on your girls’ night out

Even if the people you talk to include other guys. As long as you make your partner feel secure, it seriously does not matter. Ensuring that he does feel secure about your feelings for him is your job, though. :)

things men do not care about

6. That “extra” pound or two that has crept up on you

Let’s just put it this way, in certain situations, something to grab on to can be quite nice! (P.S.: A pound or two is fine, but for the sake of your own health and fitness, best not to let them pile up too much.

7. How you eat

It was a Saturday night, you decided to have a TV dinner in bed, ordered pizza, and while not-so-daintily devouring a slice, got some on you. It doesn’t matter. Does the world care about how men eat? You know the answer! So don’t stress over the fact that he’s seen you in a shirt with a drop of pasta sauce or ice cream on it. (For the sake of your clothes, though, chuck that shirt into the laundry right now!)

things men do not care about

8. Whether you’re perfectly put together all the time

There are definitely days when all of us want to hang out all day long  in whatever we are wearing. Then why trouble ourselves with thinking that it is somehow imperative to dress up for our partners all the time? If someone finds you attractive, he will not change his opinion even if you are in your PJs and a tee. Dress up for the big dates, sure, but don’t kill yourself trying to look glossy-worthy all the time.

9. Which of you is the more active start-the-conversation party

So what if you texted first? Trust us, most guys don’t even register those details. If you want to talk to him, feel free to call or text - if he responds, it means he’s happy to talk to you.

things men do not care about

10. If you use cusswords

We aren’t suggesting that you should be swearing all the time! But there are times in our daily lives when the only logical response to a situation is the f*** word. You don’t have to hold back just because you’re with him - if he cares about you, he will definitely understand where you’re coming from. Swearing at him, though - that’s not a great idea. After all, you wouldn’t want him swearing at you, would you?

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