#LoveActually: This Couple Will Make You Believe In Love All Over Again

Priyanka Ghura

Assistant Editor

Why do people fall in love? And then commit to spending their lives with each other? If you’ve ever doubted the power of love - or even questioned what love is - then this video will definitely remind you why people promise to care for each other forever.

We’re suckers for real-life happily ever afters, so we just had to share this heart-warming video by The Wedding Filmer of Devrath and Kanika’s wedding. They’re proof that that 4-letter word really can make everything all right. Plus, it features an acoustic rendition of every Punjabi’s fave wedding song, Din Shagana Da Chhadeya. Oh, and if the groom getting all emotional and teary-eyed while talking about his lady love doesn’t turn you to mush, we don’t know what will. :)
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Published on Apr 10, 2015
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