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#ClosetDiaries: 5 Amazing Looks With Stuff You ALREADY Own!

#ClosetDiaries: 5 Amazing Looks With Stuff You ALREADY Own!
How many of us keep complaining about not having anything to wear? The answer is not hard to guess! But it’s also no secret that we don’t have any more empty space in our closets. So we decided to help you revamp your wardrobe using some of the things that have been collecting dust at the back of your closet! Here are 5 looks that’ll make things much easier (and more stylish) for you!

1. The Forgotten Flared Jeans

styling old clothes

No, you didn’t hear us wrong! Get those flared jeans out and swap them with the skinny jeans that dominate your wardrobe. Just pair them with a basic white tee and cute sling bag for an absolutely effortless yet gorgeous look!

POPxo Recommends: Flared '70s Jeans (Rs 3,990), Darcy Burnout Crop Tee (Rs 995), Navy Blue Sling Bag (Rs 3,145), River Island Sead Black Sandals (Rs 2,695)

2. The Pleated School Skirt

styling old clothes 2

If most of you grew up wearing these skirts in school all your life - we totally get why you would want to avoid them like the plague. BUT, you don’t have to look as awkward in it as you did in high school. Just wear it with pastel colour block heels and a casual shirt.

POPxo Recommends: Koovs Inverted Pleat Midi Denim Skirt (Rs 1,295), Split-Neck Dolman Blouse (Rs 1,129), River Island Pink Sandals (Rs 4,543)

3. Your Old Sports Jersey

styling old clothes 3

Never had the heart to throw away your school basketball jersey? Well, you should be glad you didn’t! You can style it with chino shorts and sandals for sunny days. From lunch with friends to shopping at the mall, it’ll keep you extremely comfortable yet stylish!

POPxo Recommends: Adidas-Sn-S-S-Blue-Tee (Rs 1,799), Easy Chino Shorts (Rs 939), Grooved Outsole Sandals (Rs 4,000), Koovs Mirror Lense Round Sunglasses (Rs 995)

4. Boring Bandanas

styling old clothes 4

We’re not asking you to wear them everyday, but occasional uses make for a great style statement when you’re layering. Go for a printed version and wear it around your neck.

POPxo Recommends: Bandana Scarf (Rs 790), Temika High Neck Lace Shell Crop Top (Rs 4,200), Classic Low-Rise Trousers (Rs 1,499)

5. Simple Sneakers

styling old clothes 5

It doesn’t matter if they’re in brand new shape or mud stained, you can rock your old sneakers in a cool new way! We know you didn’t buy them thinking you’ll be wearing them for anything other than running but it really can work. Just pair them with a denim bodycon skirt and a strappy black top. Throw on a sleeveless duster to bring the whole look together!

POPxo Recommends: Tasha Sleeveless Jacket (Rs 2,155), Acid Wash Mini Skirt (Rs 939), Nike Studio Trainer (Rs 4,995), Carey Glitter Party Top (Rs 1,595)

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