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#KillBoring: 9 Styling Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Look

#KillBoring: 9 Styling Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Look
Sure, we binge on Gossip Girl and SATC all night long, but that isn’t enough for us to look as awesome as our favorite characters! To stand out in a crowd like the trendsetters do, you need to step up your game and make sure you aren’t making any of these styling mistakes without even realizing it.

1. You never add more than one splash of colour to your outfit

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Colour blocking is good! And fun! Don’t be too afraid to mix brown and black or red and orange just because it might clash. You could even break the bright colours down with some black if you’re sceptical at first.

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2. You’re afraid of layering gold and silver accessories

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We know many people who consider this a big NO. But guess what? There really is a way of doing this right, and you don’t even have to put in any effort! Just opt for a layered necklace like this one and then it won’t even matter if your rings are gold or silver or a mix of both!

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3. You’re not yet trying out varying lengths and hemlines...

styling mistakes

Yeah, many of us feel uncomfortable showing a lot of leg in a mini, and some of us feel like we’re totally drowning in a maxi. The alternative? The midi and asymmetrical hemlines!

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4. You’re ignoring patterns in favour of prints and flat colours

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Prints are just everywhere, but patterns often get ignored. If you feel like you do this a lot, you should remember to pick up some patterned tops on your next spree! They are absolutely great for adding depth and detail to your outfits.

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5. You use clutches only for parties

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Not any more! When you don’t need to carry a whole bunch of stuff with you, switch things up with a cute statement clutch for the day. It’ll hold all your essentials and make travel so much simpler too!

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6. You don’t have the right basics

styling mistakes  6

Wearing printed pants with an embellished top can’t work all the time. That’s when basics like jeans, T-shirts, comfy cotton tops and skirts come in, and they are a must in everyone’s closet! You can pair them with anything you like, after all. But make sure your basics are of quality material so that they end up lasting super-long!

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7. You’re not trying things on before buying them!

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Spending a bomb on formal pants won’t necessarily give the perfect fit. Make sure to check the fitting around the hips (especially if there are pockets), the fall of the fabric, and the amount of creases when you sit.

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8. You never even go near horizontal stripes

styling mistakes  8

Horizontal stripes don’t always make you look wider. This is only true if you’re wearing bodycon clothes that cling to you. Try a structured jacket in horizontal stripes, it’ll make a very bold statement.

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9. You’ve stocked up on the wrong message tees

styling mistakes  9

Sure, we love printed tees that have cool slogans, but do we constantly need to  be proclaiming peace or love? Stating the obvious does not add coolness to your style quotient; our advice: go for bold or quirky statements!

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