STOP! 6 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

STOP! 6 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making Right Now
You may have come a long way with your skincare routine since you hit puberty, and first experienced the horror of an angry zit, but that doesn’t mean you have been getting it all right. We give you a few skin care mistakes you may not even know you’ve been making. No, we’re not going to nag you again about taking off your makeup every night or drinking lots of water, even though you totally should.

Mistake #1 – Not Using The Right Products For Your Skin Type

Skin Care Mistakes

You’ve started using the foamy cleanser your bestie uses because you’re envious of her fabulous skin. Or perhaps you’ve been convinced that the ad for this heavy moisturizer spoke right to you. Well that foamy cleanser could be drying your already dry skin or that super heavy moisturizer could be irritating your breakout-prone skin.

How To Fix It: We know how confusing it could be to make the right choices when there’s an endless list of beauty brands and products available. We help you figure out your skin type so you can use the right combination of products for your skin needs. You could also seek advice from a dermatologist.

Mistake #2 – Washing Your Face Before Shampooing

Skin Care Mistakes

Who knew that the order in which you do things in the shower could also be affecting your skin? Cleansing your face before you shampoo and condition could be having a negative effect since many hair products contain pore-clogging ingredients.

How To Fix It: Many shampoos and conditioners contain Isopropyl Myristate which is an emollient that dries up the skin and can lead to pore clogging. You should check the ingredients of the products you use to avoid harmful chemicals and make it a point to cleanse after shampooing and conditioning in the shower.

Mistake #3 – Not Moisturizing Enough Because Your Skin Is Oily

Skin Care Mistakes

You will be surprised how many people with oily skin think this because they feel that all that oil provides enough hydration for their skin. This couldn’t be more wrong since oil doesn’t provide any moisture to the skin. What’s worse is that thanks to a lack of moisture, your skin will start producing even more oil. It’s a vicious cycle!

How To Fix It:  Well, moisturize obviously! No matter what your skin type, keeping it moisturized is a must. Make sure to use an oil-free moisturizer to avoid that greasy feeling and to suit your skin.

Mistake #4 – Using Too Many Products

Skin Care Mistakes

Being over enthusiastic when it comes to paying attention to your skin by using a variety of products could be doing more harm than good. They could affect your skin’s natural pH balance. Using too many products from too many brands could also result in your skin getting too much of one ingredient but not enough of another important one.

How To Fix It: Try and stick to the same brand with all your products so the combination compliments each other. Also, if you’re using more than a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream/serum (if you need it) and a weekly exfoliator than you need to cut down the rest and stop confusing your poor skin.

Mistake #5 – Not Wearing Enough Sunscreen Or Only Wearing It Outdoors

Skin Care Mistakes

Sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of premature aging - the thought of wrinkles should be enough to get you to slather on layers of sunscreen. But we still don’t do it as religiously as we should. Also, did you know that harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin even when you’re indoors? Yup, through the windows of your car, home or office.

How To Fix It: Make sure you’re SPF-ready all the time. Stop worrying about clogged pores and greasy skin - awesome brands like Avene and Neutrogena have effective sunscreens for all skin types.

Mistake #6 – Over/Under Exfoliation

Skin Care Mistakes

Exfoliation helps give you younger-looking and smoother skin, clears breakout and gets rid of dead skin - only if you do it regularly. However, being overzealous about it and doing it too often can lead to redness, dryness and breakouts.

How To Fix It: Use a gentle exfoliator about two to three times a week. Not more than that and not less than that.

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