21 Signs You Are Definitely A Desi "Mean Girl"!

21 Signs You Are Definitely A Desi "Mean Girl"!
“You can sit with us, but you can’t impress us. Or at least not easily” - that’s one of your fave mantras. If being a total diva is your thing, and you can’t get enough of the movie even now, then you can probably relate to this list. Read on and find out if you are a desi Mean Girl!

1. You’re always right - even if you’re wrong.

desi mean girl 1

2. You swipe right on Tinder if the men look like Ranbir, Shahid or Hrithik. In fact, you take it as a personal affront that the real Ranbir, Shahid and Hrithik are not on any dating apps.

3. They can love you, they can hate you, but they CAN’T ignore you. That’s why you wore that backless lehenga at your cousin’s wedding - even though a lot of people in your extended family aren’t talking to you any longer.

desi mean girl 3

4. You’re secretly pleased when your friends look uber-fashionable - but not as fashionable as you! ;)

5. From your next door aunty to your boss and even your boyfriend’s sister - no one seems to be able to stop talking about you! You’re THE talking point of every conversation.

6. You love it when your younger cousins tell you they want to be just like you. Whether it’s the way you dress, the men you date or the places you go to!

desi mean girl 6

7. That some of the super-glam stuff you wear has been scored from Colaba Causeway or Sarojini Nagar is a strictly guarded secret! You prefer it when people go “OMG, that MUST be designer!”

desi mean girl 7

8. You’ve feel a great degree of satisfaction when you’ve posted a #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie that can give competition to Priyanka Chopra’s Insta feed.

9. You really love wearing pink on Wednesdays. And Thursdays. And Fridays.

desi mean girl 9

10. You’re never late - everyone else is just too early!

11. You will always stand up to guys who are trying to butter your friend’s muffin but don’t treat her right.

desi mean girl 11

12. You know how to get what you want, even if it means you have to get into a huge argument to get it. You ALWAYS win.

13. Your hairstylist is on your speed dial. On “big date” days, you’ve been known to WhatsApp her more frequently the guy you’re going on the date with.

14. You’re always on a low-carb diet. But sometimes you can’t help gorging on cheese fries and good old samosas. Shhh!

desi mean girl 14

15. You don’t worry about completing your assignment - you have a boy on call who’s going to do it for you. In fact, you have another guy lined up for the next assignment.

16. You’re sometimes “interested” in more than one guy at a time. Given how much they all adore you and show you their appreciation all time time, it would be unfair of you to pay attention to only one of them, right?

desi mean girl 16

17. You’re often referred to as the Queen Bee. In your opinion, though, the title should just be “Queen of the Universe”.

18. Gossip Girl is not only a television show but is your guide for every life situation. You often find yourself thinking: “What would Blair Waldorf do?”

desi mean girl 18

19. You love inventing your own cool words. Like “fleek”. “That outfit is SO fleek!”

20. Devil horns and a sexy leather mini are your choice of costume on Halloween. You don’t like the fact that you can’t wear it every day.

21. Poo from K3G was your idol when you were a kid. Hallelujah!

desi mean girl 21

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