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#SaveTheInternet: 6 Reasons Why YOU Need Net Neutrality!

#SaveTheInternet: 6 Reasons Why YOU Need Net Neutrality!

AIB just released a video on Net Neutrality in India that is going viral by the minute. Now, if you’re wondering what Net Neutrality is, and why you  should care anyway, you’ve come to absolutely right place! We give you 6 reasons why YOU should send that email to TRAI and save the Internet! First, watch what AIB has to say!
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And here’s why you should care and what’s going to happen if we lose the battle for Net Neutrality! #SaveTheInternet

1. It’s about your freedom of choice!

Imagine being forced to switch from your current service provider (like Airtel or Vodafone or whichever company whose service you are using) to another one, just because the sites that you like to browse load faster on their servers! Net Neutrality is about ensuring that you are the one who gets to choose the service that you want, and not the other way round. net neutrality in india 1

2. It can make the Internet way more expensive than it actually is!

The Internet is such a big part of our lives now - this will be akin to having your rent, or food or water costs getting hiked up for no reason. net neutrality in india 2

3. It can make your browsing speeds come crashing down.

What is worse than not being to scroll through your Facebook newsfeed? Being able to scroll through your newsfeed but being unable to see any of the photos because they just won’t load! Argh! net neutrality in india 3

4. Video buffering speeds may also vary with provider to provider.

And unless you choose to shift, you may never be able to master the smoky eye/ watch cute kittens do cute things/ learn how to twerk! net neutrality in india 4

5. In fact, it affects ALL your social media activity!

Imagine a life that doesn’t let you Instagram what you want to, update your Facebook status when you want to or Skype with whomever you want to! That is life without Net Neutrality. net neutrality in india 5

6. The Internet won’t be yours any more!

The Internet is our sounding box - it’s where everyone is equal and we all have a chance to air our opinions. Isn’t it time we claimed our space and campaigned for Net Neutrality?! net neutrality in india 6 GIFs: Gifsoup, Tumblr MUST-READ: Do You Actually Remember a Time Before the Internet? We Don’t! MUST-READ: 9 Surprising Things About Introducing an Indian Woman to the Internet!
Published on Apr 13, 2015
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