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Grey's Anatomy: 15 Reasons Why McDreamy Is Every Woman's Fantasy!

Grey's Anatomy: 15 Reasons Why McDreamy Is Every Woman's Fantasy!

Patrick Dempsey's departure from Grey’s Anatomy as Seattle Grace’s dreamiest doctor has got to be one of television's most heartbreaking deaths ever. Derek Shepherd was our favourite character for 11 seasons straight, so naturally we won’t be getting over this twist in the tale any time soon. If you couldn’t help but bawl your eyes out during the latest episode of Grey's, you will definitely agree with this list of why McDreamy was the most perfect man ever. Sigh! 1. He always thought it was a beautiful day to save lives - and almost always did! grey's anatomy 2. And he made brain surgery look like a breeze. McDreamy 3. That perfect hair, that make-you-weak-in-the-knees smile and those piercing blue eyes! grey's anatomy 4. He was an amazing friend. How many guys do you know would forgive their best friend for sleeping with their wife?! Derek did - and that only made their bro-bond stronger. McDreamy 5. He stood up for the people he loved. And even the ones he didn’t. grey's anatomy 6. He was a total goofball sometimes. McDreamy 7. And at other times an utter romantic. grey's anatomy 8. He believed in giving people second chances. And sometimes third. mcdreamy gif 10 9. Because he made mistakes. And learnt from them. grey's anatomy 10. He wasn’t afraid to take risks, no matter the possible personal cost. mcdreamy 8 11. For him, it was always Meredith. Yes, even when other beautiful women were throwing themselves at him. grey's anatomy 12. Oh, and he turned down the President to stay with his family instead! McDreamy 13. He was always such a doting dad. grey's anatomy 14. He always took charge in a crisis and was pretty much a modern-day hero, right till the day he died. McDreamy 15. In spite of being so utterly talented, gorgeously dreamy and possessing the power to make women swoon, he was still the nicest guy around. grey's anatomy Bring him back already! Sign the petition if you agree with us here. GIFs:,,,, MUST-READ: 21 Sex and The City Quotes To Always Live By MUST-READ: #MushAlert: 13 Romantic Movie Scenes That Make Us Go Aww!
Published on Apr 27, 2015
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