20 Random Thoughts Every Girl Has Had in The Shower!

20 Random Thoughts Every Girl Has Had in The Shower!
If there is one place in the world where you can totally be your crazy self, it HAS to be the bathroom! Showertime is perfect for relaxing - and even practising those weird dance moves you’re too embarrassed to try out in front of other people. We bring you 20 totally candid (and a little odd) thoughts we’ve all had at showertime!

1. “Hmm. So what exactly am I doing with my life? Am I really happy?”

thoughts in the shower 1

2. “Is that a new bruise? When did THAT happen?”

3. “I really should buy a back scrubber.”

4. “Do I HAVE to wash my hair today? Nah, I’ll just make a bun.”

5. “Ugh, looking at myself in the mirror makes me want to hit the gym ASAP!”

thoughts in the shower 5

6. “Hmmm, what should I wear today?”

7. “OMG, why do I never sound this good when I am singing in public?!”

thoughts in the shower 7

8. “Did I shampoo yesterday?”

9. “Damn it! Why can’t I ever get the water to be the right temperature??”

thoughts in the shower 9

10. “To shave or not to shave? Nah, I’ll just wear jeans.”

11. “Argh! I’ve got soap in my eyes.”

12. “Whaaaaat? Is that a new mole?!”

thoughts in the shower 12

13. “Oh shucks! Did I forget to turn the gas off again?...Oh, okay, I remember turning it off. Thank God.”

14. “Hmm, I wonder what my boyfriend is up to right now...”

thoughts in the shower 14

15. “I should do some squats while the conditioner sets… But what if I slip?!”

thoughts in the shower 15

16. “Is it a good idea to take a selfie in the shower?”

17. “Why do I look darker? Have I got tanned? Or is it just the low light?”

18. “Mmm, I smell yummy! This soap is sooo good!”

19. “Oh crap, I hate that song! How do I change it without getting my phone wet?”

thoughts in the shower 19

20. “I really don’t want to get out and go to work, but the cabin’s getting all fogged up. Damn, it’s like a sauna here now!”

21. “Heyyyy, time to do the towel dance!”

thoughts in the shower 21

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