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6 Reasons To Date Him That Have NOTHING To Do With His Looks

6 Reasons To Date Him That Have NOTHING To Do With His Looks
The question of whether or not looks really matter comes up often in relationships - and in life in general. In the beginning, who we choose to date is often about who we’re physically attracted to, but the relationships that really last are about so much more than that! So, if you’re wondering whether or not to date that guy, whom you like but your friends don’t think is all that cute, here are 6 reasons he might be really good for you! :)

1. He makes you laugh

While the strength in his arms may decrease a little over the years (there is a good chance you may gain a few pounds and he can’t carry you as easily!), your weakness for the way he makes you laugh will only grow. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! qualities in men women like

2. He has great social skills

We don’t just mean that he’s well mannered and gets along with everyone ranging from your aunt to your friends to your 5 year old cousin. He’s socially adept and confident about himself. He can have a conversation with just about anyone and even knows when it’s the right time to lose an argument. That kind of confidence has got to trump looks. Don’t you think? qualities in men women like

3. He comes through when you really need him to!

Yes, ladies, you break your cupboard handle, he’s got it handled; you want to whine about work, he knows just what to say to make you feel better. Period pain? Guess who’s right there and well-equipped with some of your favorite dessert! In fact, the way he cares about you is so sexy. qualities in men women like

4. You can talk to him about anything under the sun

Your conversations cover all sorts of things and you’re rarely shy or trying to hide things (even if he’s more of a listener). It’s because you know that you can be 100% yourself with him, just as he is with you. He’s real, and that allows you to be real. He’s not trying to be macho or hide his feelings all the time - that makes him so appealing! *Swoon* qualities in men women like

5. Even if he doesn't have the same interests, he’s open to trying yours, and you’ve discovered a few new things you like, thanks to him!

Whether it’s your love for dancing, movies or even shopping, you know he’d accompany you and try to enjoy himself if you asked him too. Plus, thanks to him you’ve discovered a whole new genre of music that you absolutely love! qualities in men women like

6. You like and get along with his friends!

Dating someone after all is also about hanging out with each other’s friends. So if his friends are not at all the type of people you can imagine spend an evening with, your relationship is unlikely to last very long! qualities in men women like So what we’re really saying is, even if you do like someone who looks like a movie star, if he doesn’t care about you enough or does not allow you to be yourself, it’s very unlikely for you to end up being happy with him. Our advice: judge him on these things first, before you decide to drop him for his looks! GIFs: Izismile, Scoopwhoop, Comediva, TumblrBuzzfeed MUST-READ: 30 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date a Geek! MUST-READ: Is He a Keeper? Signs You’re Dating a True Gentleman