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#FAIL: This Is What MS Word Thinks Your Name Should Be!

#FAIL: This Is What MS Word Thinks Your Name Should Be!

Remember that moment when you’re typing out a super-important report, or even your resume, and you turn on the “spelling and grammar” tool in order to make sure that everything is ship-shape? And then there’s that awkward Microsoft Word dictionary fail moment when you realize that the only squiggly lines are under your name?! And then you’re not sure if you should be proud of your spelling skills or mad at MS Office? For all the ladies out there who happen to go by these names, here’s what MS Word thinks your name should actually be!

1. The Analytical Aditi

microsoft word dictionary fail - aditi

2. The Intoxicating Bhavna

microsoft word dictionary fail - bhavna

3. The Dramatic Divya

ms word dictionary fail - divya

4. The Lethal Gunjan

microsoft word dictionary fail - gunjan

5. The Super-Cool Isha

ms word dictionary fail - isha

6. The Tremendous Megha

microsoft word dictionary fail - megha

7. The Open-Book Nandita

ms word dictionary fail - nandita

8. The Hungry Priyanka

microsoft word dictionary fail - priyanka

9. The Colourful Ruchika

microsoft word dictionary fail - ruchika

10. The Edible Sakshi

microsoft word dictionary fail - sakshi   MUST-READ: Naam Toh Suna Hoga: 18 Struggles Of Having A Common Name MUST-READ: 10 Common Words That Make Non-Hindi Speakers ROFL  
Published on Apr 21, 2015
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