#LoveTriangle: When Two Guys Like You & You Kinda Like Them Both!

#LoveTriangle: When Two Guys Like You & You Kinda Like Them Both!
You know that rare moment in life when it really feels like it’s raining men? ‘Coz there are two guys who are interested in you at the same time - and you’re kinda interested in them BOTH?! Well, this kind of thing doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it has a way of becoming way two(!) much to handle!

1. You draw up endless “pros & cons” lists

Boy 1 is smart, funny, and goes to a great college, but Boy 2 has dimples! How are you supposed to figure this out?

liking two guys 1

2. Your girlfriends start avoiding you because this is all that you can talk about now

You’ve only repeated the story, like, 50 times. That’s nothing! It’s, like, no one gets how stressful this thing is!!

liking two guys 2

3. You find yourself constantly planning dates with both of them

How else is a girl supposed to choose?!

liking two guys 3

4. The moment you think you’ve reached a decision, it changes

All it takes is a cute text message!

liking two guys 4

5. You’ve become an expert at being vague

Because how do you tell a guy that the reason you can’t have dinner with him tonight is because you’re seeing another guy?

liking two guys 5

6. Sometimes you act really weird hoping one of them will break it off themselves

But they think it’s cute and get more smitten! Argh!

liking two guys 6

7. You really don’t want to be the villain in this scenario...

Even though you know that there’s not going to be a happy ending for at least one of you. Dammit, why can’t you have them BOTH?!

liking two guys 7

8. You live in fear of being found out (and dumped!) by both of them

But you know you have to learn to do deal with the consequences, whatever they are.

liking two guys 8

This situation will probably teach you how life isn’t fair sometimes, and that you can’t always get what you want. So, if nothing else, you’ll definitely be wiser off at the end of it! ;-)

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