7 Incredibly Kind Things Strangers Have Done For Us

7 Incredibly Kind Things Strangers Have Done For Us
The world can be a dreadfully difficult place. And oftentimes we feel that no one’s looking out for us, that nothing’s going right. And with news of terrible things happening every day all around us, it’s easy to lose heart and hope. But you know something, hope can be found in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected situations. People - even the most perfect strangers - turn around sometimes and perform the most generous acts for us. Today we bring you 7 incredibly kind things strangers have done for us and filled our hearts with joy - read them, and pay it forward. :)

1. The Fast And The Furious

On my way to the maths paper during my board exams, my father and I were stuck in super-slow-moving traffic. I had 20 minutes before the doors would close on me, and it looked like we were at least 40 minutes away.  I was weeping, knowing that I would not make it. A middle-aged guy on a motorbike saw me, pushed up his helmet visor and asked: “Board exam?”  I nodded. Pointing to the pillion seat, he said: “Hop on.” I didn’t wait to consider if he was a murderer or a pervert; my dad said he’d catch up with me in the car. Off I went, tears streaming down my face. That guy rode like in the movies, recklessly ignoring an oncoming truck, sliding back in the lane just in time. I reached with less than a minute to spare. All because a stranger went out of his way to make sure a scared, nervous teenager reached her exam hall.

25, Marketing Professional, Mumbai

kind things strangers have done for us

2. Knight In Blue Shirt

On a busy London street, my car once broke down, blocking the one-way exit. Everyone was grumpy and kept honking. That made me all the more nervous, not being able to figure out what I should do. Out of nowhere, this tall, slim, dark-haired gentleman in a cobalt-blue shirt emerged and helped me move the car to the side of the road. He also made calls to a garage to have it fixed. But by the time I had calmed down enough to thank him, he had disappeared into the crowd.

25, Computer Professional, London

kind things strangers have done for us

3. Lady in Red

It was one of those days when I was feeling low and miserable. Adding to my woes was the fact that I was struggling to find an auto at Elco market, Bandra. Out of nowhere, a lady dressed like a diva, in head-to-toe red, stepped out of a rickshaw, took one look at me and said: “Whatever it is, it’ll be all right.” She gave me a very warm hug and left. That was all it took for me to feel better. It’s ironic how sometimes people around you don't realize you are low, but my lady in red did! She is the reason I still have some faith in two-legged creatures.

33, Canine Behaviourist, Mumbai

kind things strangers have done for us

4. Innocent Love

For days after I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, I was in terrible shape and would cry at the drop of a hat. I started going for brisk walks to take my mind off him. One day, I just sat on the bench in the park and kept weeping. A little boy, who must not be more than six years old, came up and offered me a cream-centred biscuit from his tiffin box. I was stunned. “Eat, didi, my mamma gives me this every time I cry,” he said, and thrust it into my hand and ran back to his mother, who was waiting with his school bag. She looked at me, smiled and walked away with her kid. I’m not sure if it was the mother's idea or the son’s, but it made me realize that there are more things in life we must smile for.

26, Journalist, Bangalore

kind things strangers have done for us

5. The Last Mile

During a charity marathon in the city, I sprained my ankle. The finish line was less than a mile away and I kept looking in that direction. My eyes were full of tears - not just because of the pain but also because I would not finish the race. God alone knows how much effort I had put in to it. This petite girl ran past me, but when she was a few metres ahead she turned back. She held me, wrapping my arm around her shoulder, and ran the last mile with me. I was so touched by the gesture that I kept sobbing as I hugged her. All she did was smile.

26, Admin Professional, Delhi

kind things strangers have done for us

6. Something’s Fishy

That day, I wasn't carrying a card and had very little cash in my wallet. I’d had a really long day at a shoot, was famished and thought that McDonald's would be a good option for a quick bite. I was looking at the options and trying to calculate in my head what I could get for 100 bucks. I really wanted to have the fish burger, but obviously I couldn’t afford it. When I reached the counter, the guy gave me a tray with a fish burger, large fries and a tall glass of my favourite strawberry milkshake. I said it wasn't my order. “It was paid for by that gentleman for you,” he replied, pointing at a guy standing outside the door. In seconds, he was out of sight. I have heard of stories about people who live in other countries, and where someone secretly pays for the next person in the queue, with the request that they pay it forward. But what still leaves me wondering is: how did he know I wanted the fish burger?!

34, Photographer, New Delhi

kind things strangers have done for us

7. Booked

On my way to the British Council Library, I forgot the bag of books I had to return in the bus I was travelling in. When I realized it, I sat on the stairs, cursing my careless behaviour, contemplating what should I do. I was terrified about how much money I would have to pay to the library for this disaster. Suddenly, a middle-aged gentleman came running up to me with the bag I had forgotten in the bus. He had got off three stops after mine and had taken a taxi to get to me before I left the library. When I offered to pay for the cab, he refused to take it. Instead, he said that if I really want to repay his kindness I must buy a book and gift it to someone who loves reading. I was deeply, deeply touched.

24, PR Professional, Mumbai

kind things strangers have done for us

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