Sunburn, Boils, Rashes? Your Cheatsheet For Surviving Summer!

Sunburn, Boils, Rashes? Your Cheatsheet For Surviving Summer!
The new season of Game of Thrones may be starting but winter is far, far away! We’re about to head into peak summer in India, which means it’s time for sunglasses, fedoras and summer skin woes! Boils, sunburn, heat rashes - these are problems that plague us all. Guard yourself from the worst summer beauty woes - with our help, of course! Here are some of the most common skin problems that can occur when the temperature soars, and what you should do about them.

Cheatsheet To Get Rid Of Heat Rash

Strolling in the sun all day long can be tedious.So learn to how to get rid of heat rash using the tips given below..

1. Banish Those Heat Boils

how to prevent heat rashes, boils, sunburn

They can show up on your back, neck or, worse, even your face! Caused by bacteria, painful boils can result from even a small lapse in hygiene. Take a shower twice a day with an antibacterial soap (sandalwood soaps are good too) like Khadi Neem Soap. Make sure you wipe your skin dry; then use a talcum powder on your underarms, back and neck since they are most susceptible to boils. Also avoid “heaty” foods like chillies. A great home remedy is using turmeric powder or cumin seeds (mixed with plain water), applied on the affected areas, in the early stages. However, if you get painful boils repeatedly, consulting a doc is a must! He will put you on antibiotics and painkillers that’ll clear it up in no time.

2. Ease The Itchiness And Rashes

how to prevent heat rashes, boils, sunburn 2

Your new pair of skinny jeans maybe cute, but if it leaves behind red teeth marks on your waist, then ditch them stat. This in itself, could lead to redness, itchiness and eventually a rash. First up, be comfortable: we are all up for style, but not like this. Make sure you wear light, airy fabrics, and change your outfit more than once a day if necessary. If you feel itchy or find that some body parts are redder than usual, apply something cooling like lacto calamine lotion. If that doesn’t help, add tea-tree oil to your bathwater for relief. And definitely take a break from your skinny jeans or super-snug jeggings - a bright pair of palazzos is a comfy and chic option to beat the heat in style.

3. Get Rid of Tropical Acne

how to prevent heat rashes, boils, sunburn 3

Seeing a sudden bout of zits on your back or thighs? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Docs call these nodular/ cystic lesions, a result of extremely hot weather. If your skin is acne-prone, do your bit and use antibacterial and antifungal products from the beginning of the season. Stay away from scented, chemical-laden products and pay a visit to your dermat to avoid this. Other than that, use foamy cleansers like Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser to cleanse regularly, since oiliness is at its peak at this time, and apply gel-based ointments. Clay-based products help cool the skin too.

4. Stop The Sunburn

how to prevent heat rashes, boils, sunburn 4

Besides being a damper on your vacation, a sunburn can be quite dreadful. Not only does your face go as red as a tomato, but the acute swelling and stinging pain that accompanies it can be pretty unbearable. If you see any of these signs, rush indoors to a cooler place. Opt for a cold bath or run a cold towel on the affected area to calm irritated skin. Use an aloe vera gel or lotion (with minimal chemicals to avoid further irritation) to calm down stinging sensations, you can’t go wrong with Vaseline Aloe Vera Lotion. If you don’t feel better in a few hours, we suggest you get medical help. Medicinal care includes ibuprofen and a hydrocortisone cream - but you must check with a doctor before opting for these.

5. Take Care of Your Toes!

how to prevent heat rashes, boils, sunburn 5

Inadequate care of your nails can sometimes lead to painful fungal infections. You could be a runner, or just wear closed shoes too often, but it’s very common to see infections in and around the toenails in summers. Aggravated by moisture (thanks to sweat accumulating), carelessness about hygiene or even an injury, fungal infections can make your feet feel far from happy. Your best bet: trim your nails every 10 days, wear peep toes or open-toed shoes, and air out your feet every few hours if you do wear closed shoes. Using an anti-fungal powder between your toes to avoid infections. And seek medical help if things seem icky!

6. Don’t Forget These Basics

  • A lot of these problems can also cause dehydration and weakness, so make sure to pay attention to your summer diet.

  • Make it a point to drink refreshing nimbu pani, buttermilk, coconut water, fresh juices and smoothies as much as possible.

  • Load up on cucumber and tomatoes when eating your salad (they boost immunity and are available everywhere!).

  • Also, load up on melons, berries, grapes and other citrus fruits this summer.

  • Avocado, Indian gooseberry, yoghurt and probiotic drinks help ward off stomach bugs and keep your immunity up in general.

  • Oh, and we don’t need to tell you twice to lather on the SPF like your life depends on it, do we?

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