#PerfectDate: 7 Steps To Sweeping A Woman Off Her Feet!

#PerfectDate: 7 Steps To Sweeping A Woman Off Her Feet!
What is it that makes a girl truly happy on a date? Well, we all thought about it, and came up with a list of things that every woman wants to make her date absolutely fabulous! This is what a girl needs for a perfect date. Gentlemen, this one’s for you!

1. Don't keep her waiting

Guys, be on time! No girl likes to wait around and lounge around by herself after she's spent all that time dressing up and looking all pretty for her date. And if you have to wait just 5 extra minutes for her, do it without getting agitated. Be assured that your girl will be smiling from ear to ear.

2. Remember that chivalry is not dead

Yes, it may sound a bit cheesy, but holding the door open for her, making sure she gets home safe and walking her right up to her door are still things that make a girl swoon.

Perfect Date 1

3. Plan the whole evening all by yourself

While picking a place together and deciding to go some place where you'll both get what you want is convenient, it isn't exactly the most romantic option. Surprise her by making reservations at a place she may have mentioned earlier, or take her to a place she's never been before but which is one of your favourites. Come on, you can do it!

4. But make sure to keep her comfort and interests in mind

While you may love to go out partying, bar-hopping may not be her thing. Talk to her beforehand and figure out her interests. And then try to find common ground from there!

Perfect Date 3

5. Give her all your attention

Yes, we mean no looking into your phone. No texting your friends or checking Facebook, no asking for the WiFi password as soon as you enter the restaurant. And this is the one time that you need to ignore that phone call from your boss! Make sure she has your full and complete attention. Let the evening be about just the two of you.

6. Make an effort to look your best

You know that even though she doesn't need to she has probably spent a lot of time dressing up and making that effort to look extra-special for you. Put in some effort at your end too - trust us, it isn't going to be wasted!

Perfect Date 7

7. Keep it simple

No need to go overboard now. You don't need to take her to the most fancy place in town. Plan the evening out to your best ability, but don't stress out. Just be yourself and let all the special little efforts that you have made do the talking!

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