#DesiBrideToBe: How To Have The Best Hashtags For Your Wedding

#DesiBrideToBe: How To Have The Best Hashtags For Your Wedding
If there are two things we love, they are weddings and social media. And today, they're pretty much inseparable too. Because, you know, like they say: "It's not real until you've Instagrammed it!" Whether it's your mehendi pics or photos of your pheras, it's inevitable that every moment will end up captured on someone's phone or camera and find its way online. And you're going to, once the wedding is done, treasure the virtual documentary of this journey - and what better way of tracking it all, and getting everyone on board with the plan than finding just the right hashtags that you can get all your friends and guests to use? That's why we tell you how to get the best and most effective hashtags for your wedding!

1. Hashtag It NOW!

In the olden days, the pandit would come and fix an auspicious date for your wedding. Do that if you must - we like to think of it as additional planetary insurance. But immediately after think of what your wedding hashtag should be. Choosing the right one is crucial.

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Keep it Simple, Silly! :) Yes, we know using the bride and groom’s name is not super inventive, but trust us - in this case - the simpler the better. If your name combo is taken, then add a “weds”, “and” or a simple connector. We are thinking of something along the lines of #SohaKunal or #KunalSoha. Do a search on both Insta and Twitter - if it has not been used already - then  you are in luck. Put up a few cute posts and tweets using this hashtag - the point is to make it your own - before anyone else does.

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3. Be Creative

This is where things get tricky. If you are creating your own wedding hashtag, check to see it is not an established one already, across social media platforms. You don’t want to add your lovely pics to a completely random collection of photos. We are thinking #Royal for Roy and Alina is not a smart choice. Firstly it is too broad a descriptor and secondly - it’s been used widely already!

4. Put It Out There

Now that you have a hashtag, make sure you tell your guests what it is. Put it on your wedding website, put it on all communications to your guests. Even at event venues, think of cute ways to display your wedding hashtag. Once guests start using it, you will have a collection of photos to cherish for a lifetime.

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5. Start Early

The best way to get a hashtag adopted is to begin using it the moment the wedding is announced. Maybe even announce your wedding on Insta with the hashtag. Build up to the wedding - it’s the perfect way to capture the entire process and make your guests feel even more involved.

6. Spread The Love!

Remember to check on the hashtag once in a while and like/comment. Show your guests some love on social media :) You will be forgiven if you do so after the honeymoon. It’s the perfect way to reminiscence about the wedding!

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