Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks

Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks
Whether you’ve had a baby or gained or lost a lot of weight, or sometimes done nothing at all - those annoying pale lines are no strangers for most women. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about stretch marks - and whether you can actually get rid of them.

1. What Are Stretch Marks?

Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks

As the name suggests, stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched. Some doctors also believe that they could be connected to hormonal changes since they commonly occur during pregnancy and puberty. They could appear light pink, red or even purple at first, but eventually fade into silvery scars across the belly and other parts of the body the like the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back, arms and shoulders.

2. How Are They Caused?

Rapid body changes are mainly what causes these marks and can sometimes make us feel super self-conscious. They commonly occur if you lose a lot of weight, have a sudden growth spurt or as your belly stretches while you’re pregnant. That’s also why men who work out mainly to body-build get stretch marks as well! At least women aren’t alone in this beauty peeve. ;)

3. Nope, They Can’t Be Prevented

Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks

Sorry to burst that bubble, ladies, but no matter how many creams and concoctions you apply and all the prenatal care you take, there really isn’t any guarantee that you won’t develop stretch marks. It actually boils down to race, genetics and the rate at which you gain weight.

4. They Burn and Itch Too

Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks

Yes, as if they weren’t bad enough already! Your belly could feel extremely itchy during your pregnancy and even after thanks to the stretching of the skin. Super-dry skin can also cause your stretch marks to itch and burn. But make sure not to scratch as that could intensify the irritation. Cold baths, moisturizing regularly and staying hydrated at all times is the best way to avoid this.

5. Getting Rid Of Them…

Stretch marks that appear during your teens are more likely to disappear over time; but, unfortunately, if they appear during adulthood, you might never be able to get rid of them. Collagen-building creams containing Retinoid, and home remedies involving Vitamin E and aloe vera contribute to helping the marks fade, but they never disappear completely. Natural skincare products containing shea butter and almond oil are also a good bet if you’re looking to lighten those marks. Lass Naturals Aloe Vera Gel can help lighten those marks. Also, Revitol Stretch Mark Cream helps build collagen and retain elasticity to lighten marks and may also help in prevention. Just remember to be extremely patient, as they will take a long time to fade. Keeping your skin moisturized always will also go a long way towards helping them fade.

One other way to significantly lighten those battle scars of enduring 9 months of pregnancy or shedding loads of kilos is with laser treatments. These cost quite a bit, but they are pretty effective in making extensive stretch marks fade away and will give you visible results in a few sessions. Consult your dermatologist if you would like to consider this.

6. Diet and Exercise Are Your Best Bets

Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks

We all know that a healthy diet goes a long way for great skin, and the overall condition of your skin affects the severity of stretch marks. A nutritious diet rich in proteins and iron as well drinking plenty of water is great for the skin and increases elasticity, which can have a positive effect on those silvery marks. Working out helps increase blood circulation and also keeps you from gaining weight, which can be the biggest culprit when it comes to developing them.

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