Lazy Girl Style: How To Get Gorgeous Hair The EASY Way

Lazy Girl Style: How To Get Gorgeous Hair The EASY Way
Too lazy to bother applying countless products on your hair to help it behave? Does the thought of blow-drying your mane every other day fill you with dread? We totally feel for you. Getting your hair to look amazing is hard work and all of us are guilty of giving into the lazy girl’s solution for any hair problem – the ponytail! But what if we told you there were a few tricks to cheat your way to healthy, pretty hair with minimum effort? Yup, it’s possible! Read on for the lazy girl’s hair growth tips to fabulous hair. You’re welcome! ;)

1. Style While You Snooze

If you sleep with your hair down, you’re more likely to wake up to a frizzy bird’s nest thanks to all that friction against your pillow while you tossed and turned all night. It’s better to pull it back into a loose ponytail or plait to wake up to knot-free, smoother locks. You can also try making 3 braids or 3 high buns before hitting the sack for good hair care and to wake up to glamorous waves in the morning.

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2. You Need A Fuss-Free Cut

It’s important to inform your stylist that you don’t intend on spending too much time styling your mane every single day so they can give you a cut that would require minimum maintenance. A few layers, a simple bob or a any cut that works with your natural hair texture (so you don’t need to fight with straightening or curling irons) is a safer bet and wouldn’t make you feel like killing yourself after your first wash.

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3. Try Multi-Tasking Products

Who are you kidding; shine sprays, volumising sprays, smoothening serums, heat protectant sprays - who has the time or energy for all of that? You would rather not wash your hair for a week (or maybe even two!) than trying to understand why your strands absolutely NEED a thousand products. Instead, multitasking products are a smarter idea to try and will help your hair look and feel great with just a few spritzes. Something that adds shine and hydration is Moroccan Oil hair treatment.  Another fabulous multi-tasking find is the straightening brush that reduces your blow drying time while giving you straighter locks. You can try Denman Ceramic Straightening Brush.

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4. Wet Hair Styling

Who said you have to dry your hair for some great style? Best hair tips? You can actually take wash and go quite literally and save plenty of time by simply styling wet hair. Towel dry and detangle your hair before pulling it up into a ponytail or updo. Doing it on damp hair gives it a much sleeker look, add a side part for some extra chic. If you’ve always wanted to try that wet-look, slicked back style that is quite a red carpet favourite amongst celebs, simply brush your hair back and add a dash of gel to rock the celebrity style. 

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5. Invest In Quality

It’s important to keep your locks strong and healthy even if you don’t want to spend too much time oiling or deep-conditioning often. If you want to save time and effort, be ready to spend a bit extra on quality products. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are hydrating and nourishing for your strands. Figure out your scalp type to ensure that you’re using the right shampoo for you. Best hair tips also include checking the ingredients of your hair products to make sure they are free from harmful chemicals and are sulfate-free to avoid damaging your mane.Easy Hair Care Tips 5

6. Be A Queen Of Hair Hacks

Like any true lazy girl, you should have a few short cut methods to making your hair look great. Don’t feel like washing your hair? Healthy hair tips - Dry shampoo will always bail you out. Want to revive your limp, dirty locks? Just mist your roots with water and blast dry them. Want to make your style last for longer so you can put off a hair wash? Just add a dash of hairspray. Also,messy ponytails, messy buns and messy braids always look better on well- messy hair. Plus, they also stay better on unwashed locks, so it’s not all that bad to be lazy.

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