#CheatSheet: 11 Fashion Pieces To Slim You Down Instantly! | POPxo

#CheatSheet: 11 Fashion Pieces To Slim You Down Instantly!

#CheatSheet: 11 Fashion Pieces To Slim You Down Instantly!
What girl doesn’t want to lose a few inches instantly? But don’t worry, today we’re not talking about diets and kill-me-now workouts - we’re giving you some super-smart dressing hacks to help slim down your appearance! Yup, there are plenty of clothes out there that can help you do that. Read on to know what styles to flaunt to help you look slimmer and trimmer!

1. Belt It

fashion pieces to slim you down (2) Cinching your waist is a sure-fire way to make it look narrower and accentuate your curves. Add a belt to a dress or a shapeless top for some fuss-free style that is super-flattering. Make sure to wear the belt at your natural waist - the slimmest portion of your torso - and not too high or low for the full slimming effect. POPxo recommends: Miaminx Multicoloured Floral Dress With Belt (Rs. 899)

2. The Power Of The Pinstripe

fashion pieces to slim you down (6) If you like wearing stripes, then it’s always safer to wear them in vertical (or diagonal) patterns. Anything with pinstripes – pants, skirts or jackets - help elongate your silhouette because of the thin, long lines that make your frame appear longer. POPxo recommends: Van Heusen Grey Striped Fitted Trousers (Rs. 1,995)

3. Maxi It Up

fashion pieces to slim you down (8) One of our fave summer styles has got to be the maxi dress. These floor-grazing wonders are perfect for making anybody look taller and leaner, especially if you wear it in a solid colour. Make sure to pair it with heels for an even more slimming effect. POPxo Recommends: Rena Love Layer Maxi Dress (Rs. 1,800)

4. Bootylicious In Boot Cut

fashion pieces to slim you down (3) Jeans are our daily wear fave and can be dressed up just as easily as they can be dressed down. One way to appear slimmer is to give those skinny jeans a miss and opt for a boot cut or a flared pair instead. Get them in a darker shade of denim and, trust us, the flare at the ankle will help give you a longer, leaner appearance. Plus, they’re making a comeback, which means you will be super on-trend! POPxo Recommends: Zara Flared Jeans (Rs. 3,990)

5. The Sexy Pencil Skirt

fashion pieces to slim you down (5) It’s classy and oh-so sexy! The pencil skirt is an uber-stylish wardrobe staple that is perfect for work and play. It helps make your waist look tiny while enhancing your curves. Don’t get intimidated just because it’s figure hugging, Kim Kardashian is proof that anybody can rock this skirt no matter what her size. Pair it with anything from girly blouses to cute tank tops, and watch as you turn heads with every sway of your hips. POPxo Recommends: KOOVS Peplum Skirt (Rs. 1,495)

6. All About The A-Line

fashion pieces to slim you down (10) The A-line is one of the most flattering cuts, since it is fitted at the top and gradually widens towards the hem, and therefore conceals problem areas such as the tummy. A-line tunics, tops and salwar kameezes are fabulous for a slimming look, and A-line skirts can do wonders for broad hips. POPxo Recommends: BIBA Printed Women's A-Line  Kurta (Rs. 799)

7. It’s All In The Length

fashion pieces to slim you down (1) Your hemline can make a huge difference to how you look. Stay away from any calf-length styles like skirts, capri pants and baggy shorts, as they can make you look more stocky than slim. Knee-length skirts and skirts and pants that are ankle length or a little longer are way more flattering and can help you look leaner. POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Zippered Woven Joggers (Rs. 1,090)

8. The Single Colour Trick

fashion pieces to slim you down (4) One simple way to be slimmer sneakily is to wear one colour from head to toe. This always helps make you look leaner when you wear black, but if that’s too boring for you then you can also try it with other dark shades. Go monochrome and stay away from light shades to help give you a boost in confidence. POPxo Recommends: VILA Silk Wrap Front Jumpsuit (Rs. 4,800)

9. Say Yes To Higher Waists

fashion pieces to slim you down (1) Gone are the days of super low-hung jeans (they were a wardrobe mishap waiting to happen). Instead, opt for pants and skirts with a higher rise as they help elongate your frame. Don’t worry, we don’t mean going super-high; a waistband that sits just above the belly button is perfect for this and can be paired with tucked-in blouses and crop tops without being too revealing. POPxo Recommends: ASOS High Waist Stretch Skinny Trouser With Busted Knee (Rs. 2,593)

10. Slip Into A Structured Blazer

fashion pieces to slim you down (9) Another sneaky slenderizing item to add to your closet is the structured blazer. Perfect for the cooler months and for your air-conditioned office in summer, these jackets are nipped in at the waist. The structured silhouette can help you appear sleeker and super-chic. POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins Ivory Structured Blazer (Rs. 5,390)

11. Stand Tall

fashion pieces to slim you down (7) The oldest trick in the book is to slip into your highest heels to help you appear taller and leaner. A pointy-toe pair will only accentuate this flattering effect, so go on and stalk around in your fave stilettos. (You may want to read our guide to wearing heels all day without murdering your feet, though!) POPxo Recommends: No Doubt Classic Pointed Pumps (Rs. 2,200)
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