Campus Diaries: 10 Reasons We Wish College Would Never End!

Campus Diaries: 10 Reasons We Wish College Would Never End!
For most of us, the more time we spend in the “real” world, the more we come to appreciate our good old college days. Lazing around, daytime naps, hanging out in the cafeteria and letting our occasional strolls into the library count as “work” - ah, those glorious, glorious days! That’s why we bring you our fave reasons to stay in college forever and ever and ever!

1. It is actually socially acceptable to be a complete jhalla, so to speak

Not to mention the chappals and untidy hair and sweatpants we can no longer show up to work in.

reasons to go back to college 1

2. Zero responsibility!

The only real task you have is passing your exams. For everything else, there's always mommy and daddy. No trying to earn a living and getting a great job and all that.

reasons to go back to college 2

3. There's no shame in asking your parents for money

Whether it's for cheap alcohol or a trip with your friends, college is probably the last time you can shamelessly ask your parents for money without feeling an ounce of guilt.

reasons to go back to college 3

4. It's never a problem wasting a day in bed or elsewhere

Skipped a lecture? No problem! No issues with just lounging and lazing around or going for a movie or to the mall. Or simply chilling with friends in the middle of the afternoon in the canteen. And guess what, we don't feel bad at all because its college! It's not like we're getting paid to do anything else.

reasons to go back to college 4

5. Hangovers are not an issue!

Drank all night and have an important lecture the next morning? No problem, just power through. There’s a drink waiting for you at the other end of the day! None of this must-be-sober-and-hydrated-for-presentation nonsense.

reasons to go back to college 5

6. One word: holidays!

Oh, all those fixed-in-advance summer/ spring/ winter holidays! Try planning a vacation in the “real” world, and you’ll know the secret reason why so many people want to be academics. :P

reasons to go back to college 6

7. Plenty of time and opportunities to try new and different things

Whether it’s trying your hand at theatre, dance, a new sport or a hobby, you have the time and energy to sign up and actually go through with it. Forget about needing Red Bull for a pick-me-up - we are Red Bulls in college.

reasons to go back to college 7

8. There's no need to "catch up" with friends, because you're always together!

Before, after and during college hours there's plenty of time to chill and hang out with friends. And you never run out of things to talk about since there’s so much going on around you! All those awkward silences while you try to find out about what’s happening in each other’s lives - is that even a real thing?!

reasons to go back to college 8

9. Daytime naps

Yes, you got that right. Feeling sleepy means real sleep. A post-lunch nap on the campus greens, or even a sneaky little snooze at your desk in the classroom - no one’s going to judge you for it. Leave alone threaten to fire you.

reasons to go back to college 9

10. You get to be your own boss

Yeah, your mom and dad are constantly running after you and asking you to follow their instructions, and angry professors are turning their noses up at you for bunking class or submitting your assignments late - but that’s about it. You’re a free bird, and you get to do pretty much whatever the hell you want. As long as you pass your exams, of course!

reasons to go back to college 10

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