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Bombs, Guns & Hot Guys: 7 Blockbusters We're Dying To Watch!

Bombs, Guns & Hot Guys: 7 Blockbusters We're Dying To Watch!

Whether you’re a big Hollywood fan or not, there are some movies we’re pretty sure you’re not going to be escaping this summer! Whether it’s because you want to watch it yourself, your boyfriend emotionally blackmailed you, or your friends managed to talk you into it - you will end up watching all of these sureshot blockbuster movies this year!

1. James Bond - Spectre

Daniel Craig, The Secret Service and a whole lot of action - in all senses of the word! What more could you want?!
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2. The Avengers - Age Of Ultron

We’re sure you don’t need any convincing for this one. It’s superhero overdose and we can’t wait! (And who doesn’t want to grow up to look like Scarlett Johansson?!)
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3. Stars Wars - Episode VII The Force Awakens

Probably the most awaited sci-fi movie of all time, we can’t wait to see if this one will live up to the hype (or the legend)!
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4.  Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise in hilariously dangerous situations that really shouldn’t be funny, but they still somehow manage to be! (You really only needed the first two words, didn’t you?)
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5. The Transporter - Refueled

Insane fight sequences and car chases that your boyfriend will totally love - and you will too if you’re into watching a hunky guy beating the crap out of everyone. (Duh!)
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6. Fantastic Four

A new take on the Fantastic Four sounds just fantastic doesn’t it? We know we’re excited!
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7. Jurassic World

The “park” has become a “WORLD” now. Of course you can’t miss it - we grew up on these movies!
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Published on Apr 23, 2015
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