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12 AMAZING Perfumes That Cost Less Than Rs 1,000!

12 AMAZING Perfumes That Cost Less Than Rs 1,000!

Let’s face it: we ALL want to smell great. Every day and all the time. And so we bring you the best perfumes for women in India under Rs 1,000! After all, not all of us can afford to wear the fancy perfumes we love so much every day - we’d have to stop paying for food and rent then! Since none of us want to spend a bomb on a perfume we want to use every day, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to? And guess what?! You DON’T - we make life easy for you!

1. Revlon Charlie Red

1 best perfumes for women Perfect for a regular day at work or college, Charlie Red has a flowery yet musky scent. It’s an unusual yet fresh combo, which makes it a great choice! Price: Rs 489. Buy it here.

2. Trendy from Nike

2 best perfumes for women Designed for the modern girl on the go, it’s sporty and still feminine! Using this is very refreshing and a perfect way to start to the day! Trendy from Nike is one of the best perfumes for women in India! Price: Rs 598. Buy it here.

3. Fruity Rhythm by Adidas

3 best perfumes for women This is the perfect pick for anyone who loves a floral and fruity scent! When the thought of a long day is stressing you out, this will be your perfect companion. Price: Rs 560. Buy it here.

4. Diesel Plus Plus Feminine

4 best perfumes for women With top notes of bitter orange and lily of the valley, this isn’t your average overly sweet-smelling scent. We absolutely love the delicateness of this fragrance!
Price: 995. Buy it here.

5. Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil from The Body Shop

5 best perfumes for women While a little on the pricier side for the size of the bottle, you only really need to apply a drop of it every time! (Just dab it on your wrists and behind your earlobe, and you’re good to go!) It lasts a long time, and it’s so very easy to carry in your handbag with you. Price: Rs 895. Buy it here.

6. Benetton Hot EDT For Women 

6 best perfumes for women It woody, fresh and oriental, which makes for a such a yummy smell! It’s also super long-lasting - you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! Price: Rs 615. Buy it here.

7. Playboy Play It Spicy

7 best perfumes for women Everybody wants a Playboy in their vanity! And it’s totally possible to have one too! Play It Spicy is perfect for when you want to let your wild side show. Go play! Price: Rs 675. Buy it here.

8. Oriflame Queen Of The Night

8 best perfumes for women
More for play than work, this one is just right for dressy dinners and other special occasions! Also, who doesn’t love a perfume bottle that looks this fancy?! Price: Rs 800. Buy it here.

9. Sunscent by Police

9 best perfumes for women Using this for daily wear will definitely make you feel like you’re on holiday! It won’t make you any less productive, though, don’t worry! It’ll keep you smelling fresh from morning to evening, and is especially great for those sweltering days. Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

10. Victoria's Secret Garden Pure Seduction

10 best perfumes for women For when you feel the need for something sweet and sexy without going overboard, this one will come to your rescue! It’s sure to perk you up on lazy day. Price: Rs 722. Buy it here.

11. Fabindia Cypress Perfume Oil

11 best perfumes for women When you’re tired of smelling like a garden, go for this foresty scent instead! It has a gentle yet lingering aroma and it comes with an easy roll on applicator. Just apply it on your wrists and behind your ears, and you’re good to go!
Price: Rs 290. Buy it here.

12. Skinn Nude By Titan

13 best perfumes for women With aromas of lychee and rose, Skinn Nude is for when you want to smell sensual and extraordinary. And the best part? It lasts pretty much forever! Price: Rs 949. Buy it here. MUST-READ: Smell Like a Dream: The Perfect Perfume for Your Zodiac MUST-READ: #RealGirlBeauty: Ways To Make Your Hair Smell Amazing ALL The Time
Published on Apr 16, 2015
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