#BeautySecrets: 5 Amazing Baby Products For YOUR Beauty Routine!

#BeautySecrets: 5 Amazing Baby Products For YOUR Beauty Routine!
While being a mum teaches you all sorts of tricks, one thing I’ve come to value is products that have the ability to multitask, just like me! Turning to the little guy’s stash of products has saved me not just time, but a fair bit of cash too. Believe it not, but switching to baby products for YOUR beauty routine is actually a fantastic idea. They are gentler on the skin than regular products and easier on the pocket - we can’t complain!

1. Baby Oil - Lord And Master Of The Dressing Table

As all great discoveries, my Eureka moment happened quite by fluke. I’d called the maalish lady home and in my scatterbrained, sleep deprived state, forgotten to organize the oil. The only thing handy was my kiddo’s Johnson’s Baby Oil. Turning point, ladies. Serious turning point! Unlike olive or almond or sesame oils, baby oil sinks right into your skin, leaving it supple and oh-so-soft and smelling amazing! Personally, I hate the sticky, icky feeling post a massage, but with baby oil, the need to shower immediately just vanishes.

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Post this incident, I’ve possibly used baby oil more often than my baby has. It makes an insanely awesome makeup remover, particularly for stubborn mascara. It is an amazing moisturizer when used on damp skin, fresh out of a shower. I’ve used it as a substitute for shaving gel as a last-minute fix on my legs, and I’ve got to say that my razor loves oil too! It glides across the legs, leaving them uber-clean, smooth and fuzz free. If you use wax removal strips at home, slather some baby oil on once you’re done and wipe off with a damp, warm washcloth to get rid of any sticky residue. Tried and tested, I promise!

If you finally found some time to go out on a dinner date with the hubby, add a couple of pinches of shimmer power to a few drops of oil and use on your legs for a sexy glow. (If the urge to use too much oil or too much shimmer is overpowering, think of Ranveer Singh’s chest in Ram Leela, and I promise you, the urge will disappear).

If you are concerned about oil being too messy, you could try the oil gels instead. They have the same effect and more control but are not as kind to your pocket. I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ve seen tons of top makeup artists use baby oil gel on models legs to give them that fabulous sheen. (Shhh…you didn't hear it from me!)

2. Baby Wipes - True-Blue Lifesavers!

While every mum knows NEVER to leave home without extra diapers and wet wipes, what a lot of people don't know is that whether or not you have a baby in tow, wet wipes could easily become your best friend! A much cheaper alternative to makeup wipes, I massage a few drops of baby oil onto my face and then wipe off with wet wipes.

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For particularly intense eye makeup, add a few drops of oil to a folded wet wipe and use to gently wipe off the makeup. It’s way more effective than expensive makeup removing wipes! If your skin is particularly sensitive, opt for fragrance-free wipes instead.

A discreet way to freshen up during the hot summers is to dab your face with a wet wipe to keep it clean and grime free. You are guaranteed to feel fresh and keep your skin clean, preventing zits and breakouts. Win-win, right?

3. Baby Powder - Magic Dust!

The secret behind sweet-smelling babies, this magic dust can be sprinkled on your scalp to rid yourself of greasy roots between shampoos. Save what you’d have spent on an expensive dry shampoo and splurge on a new pair of heels instead! Just remember to go easy - you want fresh, nice smelling roots, not faux grey hair!

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Getting a bit too hot and sweaty in the summer months? Dust a bit of baby powder for a serious reduction in sweat. And even if you still do sweat, you wont have to worry about the odour.

An age-old trick to keep your lipstick in place for longer is to apply one coat on your lips, dust with a bit of baby powder, dab,then  apply another coat of lipstick - and you’re good to go! The powder helps to settle the pigments and colour, increasing the chances of it to staying on longer.

4. Diaper Rash Cream - The Calm Balm

In my eyes, the ability to cure an angry red rash on a baby’s bottom gives this cream serious superstar status. Another “by chance” led me to discover that this wonder cream works great on chapped adult skin too.

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Gentle, yet very effective, use it on dry heels, chafed skin and rashes. You’ll be surprised at how soon you’ll be able to see visible effects! In case you want a recommendation, I absolutely swear by Sudocrem.

5. Body Wash - Brilliant Bubbles Indeed!

Far gentler on skin than adult body washes, I’ve been sharing my son’s Johnson’s Body Wash pretty much since he was born. 

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Mild, with a more balanced pH, it’s very moisturizing and smells terrific - what’s not to love?! For an effective face wash, dilute body wash, mix a drop of baby oil and clean your face using baby wipes. Try it to believe it!

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Postscript: I recently watched a video on how you can use diapers to create “super soil” for your potted plants. Though this video demonstrates with an adult diaper, feel free to borrow you baby’s diaper for the same effect!

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