#StarCrush: 6 Fab Styling Tricks You MUST Steal from Anushka Sharma

#StarCrush: 6 Fab Styling Tricks You MUST Steal from Anushka Sharma
We love her on and off the screen - she has practically never given us a disappointing performance (NH10, anyone?), and she’s subtly sexy and always super-stylish! Yes, we are indeed talking about Anushka Sharma. While picking up acting tips from her might not be everyone’s forte, here are some styling tricks that are definitely worth a shot!

1. The Flattering Flare

Anushka Sharma style 3

We realize everyone is aware of the fact that skater dresses are super flattering for most body types, but there is more to it. What we love about Anushka’s dresses is that they’re very basic, with conservative necklines but make a great impact with their monochrome patterns. The sleeve length is appropriate for women who might have any issues with arm tone; this length combined with a slightly thicker fabric (like a cotton twill) will give your arms great definition.

2. The Forgiving Midi

Anushka Sharma style 2

May it be bodycon or flare, she’s doing it right and staying trendy! Midi skirts are all the rage at the moment and with a body like Anushka’s she doesn’t even need to try too hard to carry this off! But you’ll do well to take tips from her! When you’re wearing a bodycon midi skirt for a casual day, pair it with a loose top that can be tucked in, just a bit. Similarly, when wearing a flared midi skirt for a formal event, pair it with a sleeved shirt (opt for a solid colour if your skirt is printed) and high heels. Even if you know you’re not as tall as Anushka, people sure won’t be able to tell!

Bonus: Play around with monochrome patterns like she does!

3. Going Comfy in Sneakers

Anushka Sharma style 2

Not every outfit needs to be accompanied by pumps or stilettos. Let loose occasionally and take out the sneakers you bought at the beginning of year when you were making unrealistic resolutions of running (don’t you worry, all of us do it). Wear them for low-key days, with boyfriend jeans or jeggings even and a casual jersey top. It’s an obvious choice for comfort for when you’re travelling but it also portrays an easy going and relaxed nature.

4. Denim on Denim

Anushka Sharma style 4

While most might think this trend is easy, it can actually get very blah if you do it the simple way. While wearing a denim shirt with your daily denim jeans is still following the trend, it isn’t really ground breaking. We love how Anushka does it though, with a printed denim shirt and cropped distressed white jeans.

5. Amp It Up With Accessories

Anushka Sharma style

This look of Anushka’s went quite viral and here’s a breakdown of exactly why it works! The dress she’s wearing is actually quite simple and it’s really her accessories that deserve a mention. A printed scarf has always been known to go a long way but because of this look we know to expect the same from a pair of printed heels. Definite props for styling her scarf with a belt (especially great for windy days)!

6. Bun It To Beat The Heat

Anushka Sharma style 6

Managing long hair can get very cumbersome in summer. And if you’re not quite ready to part with your long locks, take a cue from Anushka and put your hair up in a bun. We suggest a simple sock bun for this with basic white kurti and remember to accessorize with a nice necklace to balance out your look.

Images: Viral Bhayani

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