#ROFL: This "Arranged Date" Video Is A Must-Watch For Every Girl! | POPxo

#ROFL: This "Arranged Date" Video Is A Must-Watch For Every Girl!

#ROFL: This
The arranged marriage thrives. And in the age of matrimonial websites, hashtags and dating apps, it has introduced to our lives a yet new phenomenon: the “arranged date”. The Facebook and Instagram-friendly equivalent of the “rishta meeting”. So this one’s for every girl out there who’s ever been asked the question Beta, aap ki shaadi ho gayi kya? - and has at least once in her life given into the sheer volume of questioning and pressuring and gone on an arranged date. Date, time, venue, outfit, topics of conversation - all supervised and organized (and observed!) by well-meaning parents, neighbours, friends, and on occasion even our friend’s neighbour’s parents. But what are our - us ladies who have to sit through such a date - true feelings? Comedian Aditi Mittal - with a little help from actor Richa Chaddha - sums it up!
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