8 WTF "Reasons" Why People Say Women Get Raped in India

8 WTF "Reasons" Why People Say Women Get Raped in India
Thanks to the now-controversial banned India’s Daughter documentary, we’re all aware of just how guiltlessly some Indian men blame the victim for actually getting raped. WTF, right?! But then again, what can you really expect when a fair number of people all over India think that rape happens not because of rapists but because of a variety of reasons ranging from “fast food” to “by mistake”. Don’t believe us? Well, check out what the most “respected” political and spiritual leaders of our country have to say. These, apparently, are the “reasons” why women get raped in India…

1. Those damn noodles!


2. Because women have no morals!


3. Not asking your rapist to become your rakhi bhaiya


4. Because of “urban culture”


5. We secretly WANT it, of course


6. Kyunki confusion zyada hai


7. It’s all accidental!


8. And really, we should learn to enjoy ourselves, no?


And now, if you’re done trying to gouge your eyes out from the sheer horror of this kind of attitude, check out how Prerna Manian explains at the Delhi Poetry Slam why rape happens in India
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You go, girl. Now if only we could slam some of these “respected” gentlemen too!

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