7 Reasons Why It's ABSURD to Blame Anushka for India's Loss

7 Reasons Why It's ABSURD to Blame Anushka for India's Loss
So much has been said in the last couple of days about how Anushka Sharma was one of the primary reasons why India lost the World Cup. We’ve got something to say, too - that all those comments are downright stupid! Here’s why...

1. Was Anushka ever praised for the team’s victories?

Before the semifinal, India won 7 out the 7 games they played, and bowled out their opposition entirely. If Anushka is to blame for the loss, surely she deserves credit for Virat’s centuries too.

india losing at the world cup 4

2. Would you blame Virat if Anushka’s films flopped?

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? So does blaming Anushka.

3. Where was Anushka when the Indian team lost in the past?

Seriously, guys.

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4. India lost because Australia played a better game.


5. There were other wives and girlfriends too at the game

They were at the ground because because they were being supportive partners. So was Anushka. People are picking on Anushka only because she’s a celebrity - and that is just W-R-O-N-G.

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6. Everyone has off days

Even superstars! We had a great tournament, but even stars don’t shine sometimes. So can we just relax a little?

7. It’s SUCH a misogynist thing to say!

Accusing Anushka - or even making jokes about how Anushka is the reason India lost - is tantamount to reducing her - and every woman’s - worth and calling her “a mere distraction”, an “accessory”. We all know she’s so much more than that.

india losing at the world cup

We’re on your side, Anushka!

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