#WhiteLies: 17 Times It’s Okay to Lie in Your Relationship

#WhiteLies: 17 Times It’s Okay to Lie in Your Relationship
Yes, we know that you have been told - rather, taught - that good relationships are based on truth, understanding and trust. While that is almost always true, occasionally, it is okay for innocent lies to make cameo appearances in your relationship. We give you a few instances when it's okay to lie in your relationship!

1.“Thank you so much for the gift, it’s just what I wanted!”

Lie In Relationship 1

Even if you hate it from the bottom of your heart, the gesture is what counts!

2. “Your mom makes the yummiest food on the planet!”

Well, you know, the key to a man’s heart rests with his mother.

3. “I think your aunt is the sweetest.”

Lie In Relationship 3

In the parallel universe perhaps, but why not make an effort? Nobody is asking you to go and hug her!

4. “I think people finding your bestie hot is so overrated. He’s okay-looking.”

Even though he’s totally yum, you have your own meal!

5. “My ex? I don’t even know if he lives in this city any more!”

Lie In Relationship 5.jpg

Truth be told, you stalk his profile every now and again on Facebook. But it really is pretty harmless. It doesn’t hurt to comfort yourself with the knowledge that you are, in fact, better off without him.

6. “Tell me the truth, I won’t get angry.”

relationship lies gif 6

Chances are he will say something that’ll make you want to shout and scream at the top of your lungs. But resist the urge to do that. Plus, this way you’ll at least find out the truth! And once you’ve heard him out calmly, you might also respond more rationally.

7. “That was the best I’ve ever had.”

Even though it wasn’t, it is NOT necessary for you to point out the occasion when it was. It’s not going to be mind-blowing every single time and you have to accept that. Use this line sporadically.

8. “I love hanging out with your friends, they’re so cool.”

Okay, so this may not be the case. In fact, some of his friends may bore you to death. But hey, you understand that your friends may come across as equally boring or annoying to him. A sweet lie from him then would be the best way out too!

9. “Its just a girl’s night out.”

relationship lies gif 9

Some nights you just don’t want to be a couple. And maybe you secretly miss your single life, and going out with the girls just reminds you what that used to be like.

10. “Bachelor party? Of course you should go, I trust you.”

And then blackmail his best friend into giving you all the details, if you must.

11. “Your sister is joining us? That’s great, she’s so much fun!”

Well, hanging out with a 15-year-old might not be the fun night you were planning, but hey, it’s sweet to say so - and a gesture he will appreciate.

lie 12

12. “Oh, you know, another one of my juniors from school got engaged the other day.”

None of your friends got engaged! You see, one needs innovative ways to send across a message when it’s hard to ask the “When the hell are we getting engaged?” question outright.

13. “I don’t have any baby pictures, they all got lost during the move.”

Not everyone was cute as a baby or wants to share those embarrassing pictures your mum took of you performing or having a bath!!

14. “I KNOW she's just your friend, I like her!! Why would I have a problem with her?”

Even though you don’t trust that b****, you need to trust him!

15. “I understand, I’m not in any rush to get married either.”

lie 15

Even though you’re about to burst into tears any moment.

16. “Are you mad? I wasn’t at all uncomfortable! I mean, you guys used to date ages ago!”

After you meet his ex and have never struggled harder to be nice and polite to someone.

Lie in a relashionship 17

17. “I have a terrible headache.”

You have an early morning and are frankly exhausted.

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