Don't Know What To Wear On First Date? Here Are Best Outfit Ideas & Style Tips To Nail It!

Don't Know What To Wear On First Date? Here Are Best Outfit Ideas & Style Tips To Nail It!

This story was updated in January 2019.  We have all been in that place, some more often than others, where the excitement of that cute boy finally asking us out is crushed by the million dollar question that’s making our hair grey, ‘What do I wear?’. Let’s face it, first dates are extremely tricky business, and you’d be lying if you said that you have never wished for a guide book. It’s an age-old dilemma that we have been trying to solve for years now (and one that our readers have asked us about the most). But, fret not because we are the bestie you have been looking for all your life. Ask us once and we will do all the groundwork for you. From what to wear to what not to wear, from cute outfit ideas to last-minute style tips, we have got your back so you look stylish, and confident, on your first date. First things first, let’s get started with some tips to keep in mind before planning your first date outfit. Do's & Don’ts For First Date What To Wear On First Date Coffee Date Movie Date Lunch/Brunch Date Post-work Drinks Date Dinner Date A Blind Date

10 Do's & Don’ts To Keep In Mind For Your First Date

0-what-to-wear-on-first-date-Style-Dos-_-Don’ts-To-Keep-In-Mind Image: Shutterstock Looks, intelligence, and sense of humour - these are the three basic qualities that women look for in a man before saying yes for a date! Found someone who checks all the boxes? Congratulations, but now it’s time to panic instead because you have nothing to wear. Well, obviously, we have a solution. We are going to take at least one of the worries off your mind by listing out all the things to keep in mind when you are getting dressed for the date that’s got you so nervous. Here we go:

Don’t Overdress

We know you are super excited, but this might not be the time to bring out the big guns. Let your LBD remain in the closet and opt for something more appropriate for a first date. Avoid dresses that show too much skin. At the same time, don’t go for dresses that don’t define you or are so loose that they look unflattering.

Don’t Under-dress Either

You might have been reluctant to go on the date, and probably don’t have high expectations, but that’s no reason to turn up in shorts and a tee. Put on a semi-casual dress at the very least. You never know, he might surprise you.

Be Comfortable

Wearing something that you are not comfortable in ruins it not just for you, but for your partner too. If you aren’t comfortable with what you are wearing, you won’t be comfortable with your date. It will affect the way you converse, the way you greet each other, and basically everything else as well. If dresses aren’t your thing, pair your black jeans or high-waisted trousers with a nice top. It will prove to be a wise decision by the end of the evening, we bet.

Don’t Flaunt The Brands

You might not want to come off as too high maintenance, and while we may know that you aren’t superficial, he might still jump to those conclusions. Not saying you have to leave your trusted MK at home, but don’t overdo it with the Burberry scarf and the LV belt. He must be able to see the real you, not the expensive brands that you own.

Skip The 6-Inch Stilettos

They are perfect for a night out, but you might want to choose something that won’t make you slip and fall flat on your face. Unless, of course, you’re comfortable in heels, then by all means, go ahead. You could even try a comfortable pair of block or platform heels. Footwear can be a deal breaker more often than not.

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Dress For The Venue

Do a little research about the place you’ve decided to meet and dress appropriately. A foolproof idea that checks off both comfort and ambiance should be on your list. I know, dates can be planned around absolutely anything - from a football game to a 5-star restaurant, but you really can’t afford to mix up your outfits for these. While it may take out the mystery, you should check with him as to what he’s got planned. And if he’s vague, a black maxi dress can always be your fallback.

Smell Pleasant

Whether or not you believe in ‘First impression is the last impression’, you don’t want to take any chances with anything that can ruin your special day. And the easiest way to take care of that is by smelling like a dream. Go with something sweet, refreshing, and long-lasting. Not OTT to a point where it becomes a task for him to breathe. That’s a real turn off! Psst… While you are at it, have a few mints as well. Who knows, you might get lucky.

Don’t Go OTT With Heavy Makeup

Save it for your wedding. Your first date asks for a simple, elegant, and presentable you. The trendy no-makeup makeup look is the clear winner here. Some eye shadow, some blush, a volumising mascara, and berry lips will be your best bet. Rule of thumb on a date is to look like yourself.

Messy Hair? Do Care!

Ponytails? No. High-top buns? Na-ah! Keep it as natural as possible for your first date. Let your hair down and let them do the talking. A cute half-tie would look ultra-feminine and chic. If you are a fan of buns, learn to do a cute updo, but remember, anything but a messy bun.

Choose A Tried, Tested, And Trusted Colour/Outfit

If you can, make the most of your existing wardrobe. If you aren’t sure which of your clothes look good on you, ask yourself the following questions. Which items tend to get you compliments from friends? Which items do you wear time and again because they make you feel good? And which would be the first in your suitcase if you were going on a weekend getaway? The items that tick these boxes are a good place to start planning that outfit. You can give them a new look and feel by opting for new accessories such as a cute handbag or earrings. And, if all else fails, every girl can find at least one shade of nude or cream that does absolute wonders for her skin tone. Go with a wrap dress for a slightly flirty vibe while still not putting it all out there. Now that we have all the ifs and buts, all the dos and don’ts laid out, let’s get to the next, and final, part of the problem - what to wear on a first date?

What To Wear On First Date?

As noted in point 6 above, the first question to answer while getting dressed for the date is where? It all comes down to where you are going. So, we have curated the best outfits for you according to the type of date you are going on and the type of fashionista you are. Whether it is the comfort that comes first for you or channeling your inner Beyoncé, there is a perfect outfit for your priorities. Let’s get started, ladies.

1. What To Wear On A Coffee Date?

Meeting for the first time over a hot cup of coffee at a cosy little coffee shop maybe common, but its charm is uncommonly magical. A coffee date calls for something casual, comfy, and chic - just like you want your date to go. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you show up in your pyjamas. Here’s what you can consider:

For A Casual & Comfy Look

1-what-to-wear-on-first-date-casual-Coffee-Date Take your love for denim to a boxy level with these denim parallel trousers in a charcoal grey colour. They’re high-waisted and thus a perfect treat for your cropped tops. You can wear these with flats or with sneakers and carry a cute sling bag for an easy look. Whether you are opting for a top in pastel colours like pink or powder blue or prints such as floral or polka dot, these pants will look flattering on all styles. POPxo Recommends: Charcoal Grey Solid Denim Parallel Trousers (Rs 999) by Sassafras at 50% off

For A Dressed-up Look

2-what-to-wear-on-first-date-dressed-up-Coffee-Date I can totally imagine myself in this outfit for my next date. I’ll wear it with a longline or dad blazer in black, my patent leather lace-up shoes and my biggest pair of hoops. On a off day or a vacation, I’d style this pink and black striped playsuit with a bum bag, but for a date, I think a printed clutch purse would look more sophisticated. What do you think?   POPxo Recommends: Strappy Playsuit with Back Cutout (Rs 1,924) by Glamorous at 45% off

2. What To Wear On A Movie Date?

Holding hands in the dark, whispering sweet nothings in-between scenes, reaching out for popcorn at the same time, ah, movie dates are so romantic. How about you give these styles a look to make the experience more intense?

For A Casual & Comfy Look

3-what-to-wear-on-first-date-casual-Movie-Date Give your skinny jeans a stylish spin with a longline or maxi top for a movie date. And we have just the right one for you. This Deepika-approved top in maroon from her collection will look flattering on most skin tones and body types. It comes with a contrast pink belt in satin and has a sheer look and feel to it. Wear it with knee-slashed jeans or jeggings and boots. A leather shoulder bag is all you need now, of course, after a matching maroon lipstick. POPxo Recommends: Maroon Printed Longline Slit Top (Rs 999) by All About You at 50% off

For A Dressed-up Look

4-what-to-wear-on-first-date-dressed-up-Movie-Date Movie dates can often turn into ‘Shall we go out for a drink?’ or ‘Let’s grab some dinner’ kind of dates. But there is an easy and effortless solution for this that will take you from the movie to martinis. Metallics! Go for these metallic cropped palazzos with a ruffled waistline and he won’t be disappointed. Style them with a fitted top and stilettos for a glam look. This outfit will be perfect for a day movie as well as an evening show. Just remember to keep your makeup light. POPxo Recommends: Ruffle Waist Pleated Palazzo Pants (Rs 1,716) by Shein POPxo Tip: Carry warm outerwear along if you tend to get chilly at movie theatres. You don’t want him to hear the chattering of your teeth instead of the dialogues.

3. What To Wear On A Lunch/Brunch Date?

A breakfast date might be a bit much for a first one but lunch and brunch dates are just too endearing. Day date outfits are, by nature, more casual and comfy, which will make you feel more at ease. Care to give these styles a look?

For A Casual & Comfy Look

5-what-to-wear-on-first-date-casual-dress-for-Lunch-Date Day dates call for easy-breezy outfits that are as colourful and energetic as your mood today. And this bright mustard-yellow dress with a wrapover front will be just perfect for the occasion. The sheer number comes with a lining, has pretty ruffle detailing at the cuffs and hemline, and is sure to get you a second date. Style it with tie-up flats, a sling bag, statement hoop earrings et voilà! Pucker up in a pink shade that suits you best. We have 30 lipstick shades for you to choose from. POPxo Recommends: Calf-length Dress (Rs 2,699) by H&M

For A Dressed-up Look

6-what-to-wear-on-first-date-printed-skirt-for-Lunch-Date For this, all you need is a simple top paired with statement bottoms. And when it comes to day dates, nothing screams ‘Brunch’ louder than pretty midi skirts. This flowing pleated skirt with a matching fabric buckled belt will look stunning when paired with a marsala coloured blouse, much like the model’s sweater. For a high-street look, add a matching marsala blazer to your OOTD and top it off with black or nude heels. Nude makeup would deem good with this look. POPxo Recommends: Pleated Skirt With Print (Rs 4,990) by Zara

4. What To Wear On A Post-work Drinks Date?

Not all Saturday nights are lucky enough to host a new love story. Have a date on a working day? If you are meeting him after work over a couple of drinks, don’t worry, there’s a way in which you can swing both work and date night in style. Put your best bets in power dressing this way:

For A Casual & Comfy Look

7-what-to-wear-on-first-date-shirt-dress-for-Post-work-Drinks-Date Nothing says comfort and class better than a shirt dress. The best part? They are the perfect, easy, slip-into-sexy, outfits to take you from work to twerk effortlessly. This light grey-colored shirt dress in a drop-waist style is formal enough for the office and casual enough for after-work drinks. For the date, change into a dressier pair of earrings, re-apply your lipstick, and you are ready to rock. POPxo Recommends: Cloud Drop Waist Shirt Dress (Rs 1,374) by The Label Life at 40% off

For A Dressed-up Look

8-what-to-wear-on-first-date-classy-black-jumpsuit-for-Post-work-Drinks-Date It’s true that jumpsuits are a piece of work, but they’re also a whole lot of class. And this black jumpsuit is no ordinary pick. It comes in a crushed velvet material that adds structure to the look while adding some shine to your OOTN. We suggest you throw over a trench coat at work. For the date, it’s up to you to take it off or keep it on. Accessorize with statement studs or danglers for the date, and don’t forget to add a dash of highlighter. POPxo Recommends: Crushed Velvet Strappy Jumpsuit (Rs 1,260) by MS at 55% off POPxo Tip: If the date was a last minute thing, just carry some fancy accessories to throw on before you head to the venue. A statement necklace can do wonders for an otherwise boring outfit.

5. What To Wear On A Dinner Date?

While you look for a perfect candle-light setting on a cosy rooftop somewhere for the perfect first date, consider something form-fitting. Make simple choices and make them work for you for a mind-numbingly romantic evening. Your first date is not going to stop at one, we assure you that.

For A Casual & Comfy Look

9-what-to-wear-on-first-date-high-waisted-pants-for-Dinner-Date A casual look doesn’t have to mean a T-shirt and jeans. A simple pair of high-waisted trousers in a different colour than what you wear on a regular day can do the trick. Just like these dusty pink parallel trousers in a velvet finish. Velvet has the potential to make a casual OOTD look anything but that while keeping you in your comfort zone. Pair this with a top of your choice (statement sleeves optional but highly recommended) and block heels for date night. Accessorise with silver-toned jewellery to complete the look. POPxo Recommends: Dusty Pink Parallel Trousers with Velvet-Finish (Rs 1,836) by Mango at 60% off

For A Dressed-up Look

10-what-to-wear-on-first-date-red-dress-for-Dinner-Date The red dress is the universally approved first date colour, and outfit, if you want to make a striking impression. Slip into sexy with this strappy midi dress with a thigh-high slit and a statement-making fringed belt. Style it with silver hoops or multi-stone drop earrings and a pair of slim heels. Light up the night in style. We tell you, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. POPxo Recommends: Camisole Dress With Fringed Belt (Rs 3,990) by Zara

6. What To Wear On A Blind Date?

Blind dates are fun, and there’s nothing that can beat the adrenaline rush before you finally meet that person. That feeling of butterflies in the tummy is just indescribable. At least for me, because I’ve never been on one. Even though the expectations will be quite high and we all feel the need to impress the other, remember to be yourself. And we know just what to wear to ensure that.

For A Casual & Comfy Look

11-what-to-wear-on-first-date-stylish-top-for-blind-date Revamp your favourite pair of treggings or bootcut trousers with a stylish top. We are eyeing this cropped one in white with a stylised back. All you need is a handheld bag, a nice wristwatch, and mules (height depending on the bottoms you choose) to complete the look. Look your casual best and let this top take care of the rest. POPxo Recommends: White Solid Layered Styled Back Top (Rs 585) by Veni Vidi Vici at 50% off

For A Dressed-up Look

12-what-to-wear-on-first-date-lbd-for-blind-date You can never go wrong with an LBD especially when it comes to blind dates. They are the best invention in the world of fashion and the most stylish way to spice things up. This one in a cold-shoulder style with a rose print will make you look BOMB when teamed with a matte red lipstick. Thanks to the halter neck, accessorising can be simplified to an elegant pair of earrings. Just carry a cute clutch and wear comfy heels to bring the look together.   POPxo Recommends: Black Solid Cold Shoulder Bodycon Dress (Rs 1,200) by Faballey at flat 50% off Here are five Bollywood-approved dresses for a first date that will make sure he asks you for a second one. All dressed up? We found your perfect soulmate for the first date. Here are the perfect shoes for you according to the type of date you’re going on. POPxo Tip: When you don’t know your date very well or where he’s taking you, just go with a nice printed skirt and a matching top. It’ll carry you through any kind of date - be it a dressy cocktail brunch, or beers at that corner pub. Happy first date, ladies. Go get ‘em! POPxo is now available in six languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bangla. AWESOME NEWS! POPxo SHOP is now Open! Get 25% off on all the super fun mugs, phone covers, cushions, laptop sleeves, and more! Use coupon code POPXOFIRST. Online shopping for women never looked better!