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#FirstDateProblems: 10 Tricks to Get Your Outfit Just Right

#FirstDateProblems: 10 Tricks to Get Your Outfit Just Right

We’ve all been in that place, some more often than the others. First dates are very tricky situations and you would be lying if you said that you’ve never wished for a guide book. So we’re going to take at least one of the worries off your mind by listing out all the things to keep in mind when you’re getting dressed for the date that’s got you so nervous.

1. Don’t Overdress

what to wear on a first date 1 We know you’re super excited, but this might not be the time to bring out the big guns. Let your LBD remain in the closet and opt for something more appropriate of a first date. POPxo Recommends: Floral Lace Belted Dress (Rs 1,889)

2. Don’t Underdress Either

what to wear on a first date 2 You might have been reluctant to go on the date, and don’t have high expectations, but that’s no reason to turn up in shorts and a tee. Put on a semi-casual dress at the very least. You never know, he might surprise you. POPxo Recommends: Anita Printed Tulip Dress (Rs 5,800)

3. Be Comfortable

what to wear on a first date 3 If you’re aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing, you won’t be comfortable with your date. It’ll affect the way you converse, the way you greet each other and basically everything else as well. If dresses aren’t your thing, pair your black jeans with a nice top. It’ll prove to be a wise decision by the end of the evening. POPxo Recommends: Tie Waist V-Neck Top (Rs 2,990)

4. Don’t Flaunt the Brands

what to wear on a first date 4

You might not want to come off as too high maintenance, and while we may know that you aren’t superficial, he might still jump to those conclusions. Not saying you have to leave your trusted MK at home, but don’t overdo it with the Burberry scarf and the LV belt. POPxo Recommends: Jet Set Travel Small Tote (Rs 17,493)

5. Skip the 5-inch Stilettos

what to wear on a first date 5

They’re perfect for a night out, but you might want to choose something you’re less likely to slip and fall flat on your face. Instead, try a comfortable pair of mid heels. POPxo Recommends: Mid Heel Strappy Shoes (Rs 3,990)

6. Dress for the Venue

what to wear on a first date 6 Dates can be planned around absolutely anything - from a football game to 5 star restaurant. You really can’t afford to mix up your outfits for these. While it may take out the mystery, just check with him what he’s got planned. And if he’s vague, a black maxi dress can always be your fallback. POPxo Recommends: Black Two To Tango Maxi Dress (Rs 1,360)

7. Give Neutral a Shot

what to wear on a first date 7 Every girl can find at least one shade of nude or cream that does absolute wonders for her skin tone. Go for wrap dress for a slightly flirty feel while still not putting it all out there. POPxo Recommends: Miss Selfridge Metallic Skater Dress (Rs 3,000)

8. Dinner and Dancing? Jacket It

what to wear on a first date 8 We know it’s a tough choice when you you’re first having dinner at a cozy restaurant, and then heading to a club for drinks. It’s easy for him, but you’re left in a dilemma. You can still rock that shiny dress you’ve been dying to wear - just wear a jacket over it while you’re at dinner. A flimsy trench will be just right to sit and eat in. POPxo Recommends: Collarless Duster (Rs 2,329)

9. Unsure? Fall Back on a Skirt and Top Combo

what to wear on a first date 9 When you don’t know your date very well, or where he’s taking you, just go with a nice printed skirt and and matching top. It’ll carry you through any kind of date - be it a dressy cocktail brunch, or beers at that corner pub. POPxo Recommends: Fashion Union Floral Print Crop Vest (Rs 1,395), Fashion Union Floral Print Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,595)

10. Accessorize

what to wear on a first date 10 If the date was a last minute thing, or if you’re heading there after class or work, just carry some fancy accessories to throw on at the last minute. A statement necklace can do wonders for an otherwise boring outfit. POPxo Recommends: Crystal Magic Choker (Rs 900) MUST-READ: 5 Fab Ways to Amp Up Your Style Game for Your Next Big Date MUST-READ: Lust List: 10 Amazing Spring Dresses We’re Crushing On
Published on Mar 16, 2015
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