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#Numerology: What Is Your Life Path Number?

#Numerology: What Is Your Life Path Number?
Did you know that your date of your birth has immense impact on the way your personality develops? That’s why it is super-important to know what your life path number is! Now we must have set you wondering what that may be. Well it is a number obtained through a simple calculation involving your birth date, month, and year of birth, and tells you a lot about the person you are. Here is how to calculate it! (Simply add up all the numbers in your birth date (2 June 1980 becomes 2+6+1+9+8+0=26; 2+6=8; and voila your birth number is 8!)

Number 1 - The Ambitious Hunter

You were born to stand out. You are an achiever and you are completely invested in your work. Career is something that’s important to you. You love the fine things in life and will never give up on your dreams. Your creative and ambitious nature makes you successful. People love you for your work and determination. Confidence is in your blood and people find that quality irresistible. You have a brave heart, and you’re passionate about the people you care about. The universe is your playground, and you know exactly how to play the game. life path number

Number 2 - The Ball of Mush

Very often, your emotions take control of you. You’re sensitive to other people’s feelings and beliefs. You are adaptable to change, and people find that quality admirable.You look at a situation from all perspectives, and only then take a call. When you sit down to work, you pour your heart, energy and soul into it. You like to be there for people, and offer valuable advice when needed. You have a big and warm heart for anyone and everyone. Instead of bottling up your feelings, why not pour it into a hobby or just talk to someone? These things always work. life path number

Number 3 - The Charismatic Beauty

You’re cool, fun and jolly to hang around with. You have the ability to transform a dull situation into a vibrant one. You’ve always been the popular one, and people always want a piece of you. You’re a lover, not a fighter. Your charismatic and bubbly personality makes people go gaga over you. You like to express your thoughts and feelings through some art form or activity - like painting, singing, writing, dancing and so on. When it comes to concealing your feelings, you’re a pro - you don’t like to talk about your feelings and prefer to put on a happy face most of the times. life path number

Number 4 - The Smart Believer

You are practical and have a realistic approach to your goals. You are loyal and true to yourself. You believe in your skills and push yourself into doing the impossible. You’re street smart and people find it difficult to fool you. As a friend, you are a reliable one and will be willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. No matter whatever field you choose, you always land up being successful. Two qualities you hold close to your heart are loyalty and hard work. You possess great leadership qualities and you’re always up for a good challenge. life path number

Number 5 - The Free Bird

Travelling is what defines you - every time you travel alone, you learn something new about yourself. You don’t care about the haters or stress on the things that upset you. You motivate people to do their best, and constantly push them into doing things that will make them better human beings. Most people look up to you and consider you to be their mentor. You have a great set of communications skills and get your way around almost anything. life path number

Number 6 - The Ultimate Healer

Your entire purpose in life is to make people believe in themselves. You are a giver, and you expect nothing in return. You are helpful and you’re always willing to offer a shoulder to someone in need. When people talk to you, they forget their stress and tension. You feel like a content person and are always brewing with positive energy. You will give your life for someone who you consider to be important. When it comes to friends, you prefer quality over quantity. life path number

Number 7 - The Balanced Mind

You’re a problem solver, and quite a thinker. You make the best decisions and always land up where you intended to be. You are independent and like doing things your way. People love you because of your wit and charismatic attitude. At times, you get quiet moody, but make it a point that you don’t trouble the people around you. Having a systematic plan is what allows you to live your day in bliss. Stressful situations freak you out, and you rather stay away from them than get involved in it. You are a perfectionist, and you take pride in being one. life path number

Number 8 - The Organizer

Life is all about business for you. You set goals, and make sure you always complete them on time. Work is your passion, and you will see that you ace every project like a boss. You are a great judge of character and can see through people’s intentions. You live a life of luxury, and status is extremely important for you. You’re very social and enjoy making small talk. life path number

Number 9 - The Generous Giver

You have a kind soul. You’re always wanting to heal other people emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In your book of rules, words don’t count, actions do. You have a dream, and that is to make the world a better place. You practice what you preach and go with the flow whenever you can’t make a decision. People love you because you’re full of positivity and happiness. Materialistic gains don’t impress you, it’s what and who you are on the inside that counts. Like an artist, you appreciate the finer details of life. life path number GIFs: imgur.comgiphy.com MUST-READ: Chinese Astrology: What Does Your Animal Sign Say About You? MUST-READ: #Kundli101: The Clueless Girl’s Guide to Basic Hindu Astrology