#FacePalm: What Happens When Your Relatives Try to Set You Up

#FacePalm: What Happens When Your Relatives Try to Set You Up
So you’re in your 20s and you’re single. You’re having the time of your life, but of course, it’s panic mode for your relatives! Although you may be very happy and content, your relatives have taken it upon themselves to "save you" from this singlehood. They decide it's time they step in and set you up with someone!

1. Love Queries

They start by asking you all sorts of questions about your love life (if you have one or have had one). “So beta, do you have someone in mind? Is there someone you’re interested in? Tell us, we will do the background work for you!”

matchmaking relatives

2. The Nuptial Nudge

You don’t have anyone currently and you tell them this. “Acchha! Toh matlab you must want to meet people now no? All your friends are also getting engaged or have steady boyfriends."

3. Sweetheart Suggestions

You may not have said yes yet, but this is their cue to start selling whoever they have in mind for you! “Arre, he has an engineering degree and has such a great job too. And his family! No words, they are just great amazing people and very well off, beta.”

matchmaking relatives

4. Picture Perfect

They will also insist that they can see you fit into their family perfectly and that the two of you are made for each other. “You love jazz and he loves jazz, you studied abroad and he studied abroad. Oh god, you both are just made for each other!”

matchmaking relatives

5. OTT

Before you’ve even had the time to give it a thought, they’ve even decided wedding venues and how cute your babies would be! “No, no, shaadi will just have to be in Rajasthan in February. What beautiful weather!”

matchmaking relatives

6. Time to Speak Up

You tell them you’re not interested. They say okay with a disappointed look on their face, but this in no way signifies that they have given up just yet. “Chalo okay, you don’t want to get married yet, but at least meet him. You can just date for a while and who knows, he might be the one!”

matchmaking relatives

7. OMG

And if you say yes; this is it. You have not said yes to meet him, you’ve said yes to a wedding in Rajasthan in February.

8. Assumptions, Assumptions

You finally meet him and come home after your so-called “date”. Before you can say anything, you’re bombarded with questions, and answers. “So, beta, what did you think? Isn’t he amazing? I knew you would love him. Should we call his parents and tell them the good news?”

matchmaking relatives

Yep. Running away seems like a pretty good option to us too! ;)

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