What happens if you look young for your age

Forever Young? Times It Sucks to Look Younger Than You Are!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Some people consider looking young a blessing, but is it really? We’re sure most of you who do look young for your age probably curse your stars every time you try entering a club and the bouncer asks you for ID proof. It SUCKS, right? We bring you our top peeves about what happens if you look young for your age!

1. When you randomly bump into a distant aunt on the street and she goes: “Beta, which standard are you in now?”

Ask her how old she is, and make a quick run for it!

what happens if you look young for your age

2. No one at work EVER takes you seriously because you still look like a bachchi

Yep, you have to put in double the effort to prove them wrong!

3. Words like “sexy” and “hot” rarely come your way

It’s like you were destined to be called “cute” forever!

what happens if you look young for your age

4. When you tell people you're getting married, and they go like, “Par Beti, itni jaldi kyu? Aap abhi bhi bahut choti lagti ho?

Yeah, whatever!

5. People love pulling your cheeks and messing with your hair.

That’s because you will always look like a poodle in their eyes.

what happens if you look young for your age

6. No matter how hard you try, you still have trouble getting into a club...

...till you pull out your ID and present it to the suspicious-looking bouncer.

7. “Are you sure this isn’t a fake ID?”

Yes, that's what comes next.

what happens if you look young for your age

8. When you go out on a date, people often think you’re grabbing a bite with your older sibling.

Trust us, it's rather infuriating!

9. You are always the butt of your friends' jokes

Yep, people believe that just 'coz you look younger than them it's okay to treat you like a younger sibling.

what happens if you look young for your age

10.  If you look young and are short, you’re gonna have a hard time. ALWAYS.

It’s like the universe started trolling you from the moment you were born!

11. When you're trying to impress a guy who is your senior in college, and he thinks you're in high school...

It's okay, ladies, this too shall pass!

12. Every time you walk into a store to shop for clothes, the manager gives you that surprised look...

That kind of look that telepathically told you that Gini & Jony is a store you SHOULD be at.

what happens if you look young for your age

13. From wearing heels, to meticulous outfit planning, and even trying on a fake accent...

Sigh, the lengths you have gone to look more mature!

14. When people find out your real age, their expression is priceless!

Arre yaar, mazaak mat kar, jaldi sach sach bata.” - I don’t think I have ever been more serious than this!

15. You’re considered the baby of your friends' circle.

At least you get to be pampered!

what happens if you look young for your age

16. When you go for a job interview, and the interviewer finds it hard to believe that you are old enough to handle any kind of responsibility.


17. Your friend who looks of a “more appropriate” age is the one who usually gets you a drink.

You have been held up enough times at the bar to even bother.

what happens if you look young for your age

18. When you try to vote, and then you go to the booth and the polling officers are like: “Kids have to wait outside for their parents.”

Whatever you do, don’t punch them in the face!

19. When you go to the bank, and they insist that you come back with proof of age or a signed letter from your parents before they let you cash your cheque.

Economic freedom? Oh yes, that’s a big lie!

20. When people refuse to let you rent an apartment without a “local guardian's consent”.

We suggest you get your self a stress-buster. Squeeze that smiley ball as and when required!

what happens if you look young for your age

Remember, ladies, when you turn 40, you’ll still be looking 25 - so you are going to have the last laugh anyway!

GIFs: Tumblr, Sharegifbollypop.in.

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Published on Mar 27, 2015
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