#TogetherOnline: What You Can Do to Change Someone's Life

#TogetherOnline: What You Can Do to Change Someone's Life
Did you know that in India only one-third of Internet-users in India are women? Shocking, isn't it? Yep, ladies, all of you who are reading this are actually a minority!

To change that stat, Google India launched one of the coolest “digital literacy” initiatives in 2013 - HWGO (Helping Women Get Online) to encourage more women in India to use the Internet, and to actually get them online. And we’re so excited to let you know that this year POPxo is partnering with Google India for the 9-week-long #TogetherOnline campaign to actually do this. Because, let’s face it, one of the most important steps for the empowerment of women in our country is helping them get access to information, to knowledge, and connecting them to the whole world. The Internet, after all, is the future! #TogetherOnline

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Today, all of us in the POPxo Team are pledging to get at least ONE woman in our lives online. Whether it’s our mums, grandmums or aunts, the kirana-wallah’s daughter or the lady who comes in to clean the house, we are promising to get at least one woman who has never used the Internet online. It could be as simple a thing as helping her set up an email account, or getting her a data plan so she can use Skype to talk to her kids who are far away, or even help her put her CV online so she can find work.

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And we’re inviting all of you to take the #TogetherOnline pledge with us!
  1. Take a picture of yourself holding sign that says #TogetherOnline.

  2. Post it on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, telling us who you plan to bring online. (Don't forget to tag Google India, @POPxoDaily and #TogetherOnline)

  3. Pay it forward - tag your friends, and ask them to get someone online too.

Trust us, you WILL be changing someone’s life.
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Let’s do this, ladies - let's take the #TogetherOnline pledge. It's the best thing you can do to empower the women in your life.