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Do You Actually Remember a Time Before the Internet? We Don’t!

Do You Actually Remember a Time Before the Internet? We Don’t!
Change is a wonderful thing. And the biggest change of pretty much all time happened in our lifetime. Do you actually remember a time before the Internet? We don’t! Here are the many wonderful ways the Internet has changed our lives. Read on and say aye!

1. Google It!!

‘Nuff said. The ability to ask this lovely search engine ANY question at any time and to instantly get an answer back is something we now take for granted. Whether it’s news or general information, we really can’t imagine life without the ability to Google things! togetheronline google india popxo 1

2. YouTube Tutorials

From the perfect smoky eye to learning how to make yourself a meal if you have zero cooking skills, YouTube tutorials are our go-to for anything under the sun!

3. Wikipedia for the Win

You heard someone talk about GDP. And you have no clue what that is. Or even what the Nintendo is. Well, Wiki’s got you covered! It is THE most handy ready reckoner ever. (And sure, it’s not a real encyclopaedia, but it does link through to them for “further reading”.) togetheronline google india popxo 3

4. Reconnecting with...EVERYONE!

Different cities, different countries, different lives - can you imagine not being able to follow what’s happening with people through Facebook?!

5. No More WAITING to Hear from Someone

Remember the time when you had to send someone an Inland letter, wait for 30 days for it to reach, and then another 30 days for a reply? And carefully shoring up money to make that mega-expensive ISD call to your boyfriend instead of just Skyping him? No? Neither do we! togetheronline google india popxo 5

6. Just Buy It Online!

From mops to diamond rings to peplum skirts, and even that fancy brand of olives you don’t get in India - the Internet is the BEST shopping buddy you will ever find.

7. Three Cheers for Online Bookings!

Whether it’s a movie show you want to grab seats for, or plan your next luxury holiday, no more standing in line or dealing with opinionated travel agents. High five! togetheronline google india popxo 7

8. No More Cheque Books and Printed Bills

Online banking and e-bill payments - that’s the way to go, yo!

9. Finding Yourself a Job Is SO MUCH Easier!

Our parents and even elder siblings had to sit down and look up classified sections of dailies. All we gotta do is check out websites like, forums like LinkedIn, and even individual company pages for job listings. Also, it’s actually possible to work remotely for an organization now! togetheronline google india popxo 9

10. Bye Bye, Rishta Aunty!

Well, arranged marriages are not going to go away (and why should they - many of them do work, you know!), we can certainly say goodbye to the middleman (or woman) - matrimonial sites may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they do allow you just a wee bit more control over your own destiny.

11. No More Being Lost

Google Maps, anyone? :D togetheronline google india popxo 11

12. Complaining Your Heart Out Without Any Hassles

Yes, you can actually do that now. Whether it’s to rail against a company that’s been providing crappy service or even filing an FIR.

13. Celebs on Social Media!

Yes, you might ACTUALLY get Ryan Gosling to reply to one of your messages someday. Maybe. A girl can always dream. togetheronline google india popxo 13

14. Turn the Music On

Browsing great or undiscovered playlists, buying our fave tracks, even Internet radio - it’s pretty darn awesome.

15. Being Heard and Seen

Blogs, websites, Twitter and Insta accounts - oh, Internet, WHAT would we do without you? togetheronline google india popxo 15 And now, just imagine your life without the Internet… You can’t, right? But it’s a fact of life - this absence of being connected - for most women in India. Yes, it’s true. Only a third of India’s Internet users are women. And that’s something that needs to change. Which is something YOU can help make happen. Take the #TogetherOnline pledge with us today - and change someone’s life for the better!
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