10 Times When Only Mom's Maggi Will Do the Trick!

10 Times When Only Mom's Maggi Will Do the Trick!
Right from when your mom let you eat Maggi on special occasions (and you got to skip those boring veggies, yay!) to your go-to midnight snack, there’s never a bad time for a steaming, hot bowl of yummy Maggi noodles. It’s no wonder we all crave it when we’re down and need to feel better about life. We give you a few occasions when only mom’s Maggi will do the trick. Nod along, because you know we’re right!

1. When you’ve had a horrible day at work and feel like your boss is out to get you and you tell your mom about it...and you come home to a big bowl of Maggi that she’s kept ready for you. You know that tomorrow’s going to be better!

2. When you have a bad cold and cough and you just crave something hot and slurpy.

Maggi 2

3. When you wanted to show off how cool you were by taking Maggi to school as your tiffin! Everybody else had boring cucumber and tomato sandwiches - and you had a whole bunch of people grabbing at your tiffin box!

4. When you’ve had a huge fight with your boyfriend/ bestie and are in need of some MAJOR comfort food.

5. When you’re being bullied by people for being “different” and need reassurance - it's mom's Maggi that can comfort you and make you feel happy about just being yourself.

6. When you’re rushing out for an important job interview, and you’re too nervous to eat a big breakfast.

7. When you want to take an interesting dabba to office, and you don’t want leftovers from last night’s dinner, and there’s pretty much nothing else in the fridge...last-minute, no clue what to do? Just take Maggi!

8. When the temperature dips and you need a bowl of something steaming hot to thaw your frozen fingers.

Maggi 1

9. On a lazy, hungover Sunday. When your head feels like there are people dancing on top of it and your mouth feels like cardboard - your mom’s special Maggi is pretty much the only incentive for you to get out of bed!

10. When you’re up in the middle of the night, cramming for your exams. Nothing can give you that boost you need to finish that last leg of like of studying a hot cup of coffee and mom’s Maggi!

Maggi 3

* This is a sponsored post for Nestle India Maggi.