studying at college

12 Things We Did WAY BETTER Than Studying at College

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

You were sent to college to study, make a name for yourself and make your folks proud. But what you actually ended up doing in college all day, is quite the opposite! You may be too embarrassed to admit all these out loud, but we know you’ll nod along with this list of 12 crazy, fun things we all did a LOT more than studying at college! (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, done that!)

1. Taking 2 hours off to eat at the canteen and catch up on ALL the gossip about anything and everything.

“Did you hear that X & Y are dating?”, “Omg did you see what she wore to college?”, “Wasn’t that party last night killer?” Yes, we know you get the drift ...

studying at college

2. Finding a way (through any means!) to be a part of any sports team, theatre group, and even the nature club, JUST to bunk lectures.

We basically did everything we could to not get our a** to class.

studying at college

3. Secretly listening to music during a long boring lecture.

Because listening to Eminem’s rap was way cooler than hearing our professors yap.

4. Crouching down at the back of the class to munch on chips and khakhras.

If there was just one thing we could steal one thing from Harry Potter, it would be his invisible cloak for sure!

studying at college

5. Getting those oh-so-important hair and makeup tutorials in the ladies bathroom!

How else were we going to turn heads at the next college fest?

6. Chilling at the smoking adda near college and sipping on cutting chai.

Whether or not we smoked, it was usually how we started our day!

studying at college

7. Checking out the hot players on the college’s football / basketball field.

After all who could blame us when it was a choice between them and books.

studying at college

8. Perfecting our graffiti-ing skills on the tables and benches in class.

Yep, we thought we were all street-artists in the making. :)

9. Chilling with our professors more than with our textbooks.

Because being a chamchi was better than being a bookworm.

studying at college

10. Bunking class just to grab a bite, a shot(!) and even a movie at every new cinema, cafe, restaurant, bar and roadside stall!

Who else could’ve made Zomato and Foursquare sooo popular!

studying at college

11. Jamming with our band mates during college hours or just tagging along to be their groupie!

We belonged in music school, but were sadly stuck doing an academic degree ...

studying at college

12. And finally … ragging the juniors whenever we got the chance!

It was all harmless of course. How else were we going to get those assignments printed in time, or grab a quick lunch? But we also had their back. If anyone else tried to bother them, they’d have to go through us first!

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Published on Mar 09, 2015
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