9 Things That Will Happen If You Have Sex With Your Ex Boyfriend!

9 Things That Will Happen If You Have Sex With Your Ex Boyfriend!
Sex with ex? No, it’s not the greatest idea. Not even if you’ve been single for a long time and aren’t getting any at all. But let’s face it - pretty much every one of us thinks about it at least once or twice, especially in the middle of a supremely dry spell. And some of us give into temptation too. But be warned: these 9 questions are going to be pretty darned hard to answer if you are planning to have sex with your ex boyfriend!

Sex with Ex 1: Your place, or his?

Decisions, decisions. But probably a better idea to not do it at your place - let your bedsheets be clean, and your memories uncluttered especially when you are planning to have sex with your ex boyfriend!

sex with your ex 1

Sex with Ex 2: Should you ask him if he’s sleeping with other people?

Sex with your ex boyfriend shouldn’t matter, emotionally speaking, of course. But you DO have to care about your own safety. But what  if he thinks this means you care?

sex with your ex 2

Sex with Ex 3: Is it okay to call each nicknames in bed?

‘Cause you don’t do that any longer outside of bed. But so weird to suddenly have to concentrate on NOT using endearments while you’re in the middle of things while you have sex with your ex boyfriend. 

sex with your ex 3

Sex with Ex 4: To cuddle, or not to cuddle?

There will be confusion.

sex with your ex 4

Sex with Ex 5: And what about pillow talk?

Do you tell him if it was really good for you? Or if it wasn’t? And should you even care at all how it was for him? 

sex with your ex 5

Sex with Ex 6: Do you leave right after, or stay the night?

Also, given that it’s not too safe to be travelling by yourself in the middle of the night, do you ask him to actually give you a ride back?

sex with your ex 6

Sex with Ex 7: The morning-after phone call - is that supposed to happen?

Should you wait for him to call after having sex with your ex boyfriend? Does that make you needy? Or should you give him a friendly buzz so that he knows that it’s all cool? Or does make you seem even needier?

sex with your ex 8

Sex with Ex 8: Should you tell your friends about it?

Are they going to be happy for you that you got laid? Or are they going to go OMG!!! and then judge you when you tell them that you had sex with your ex boyfriend? 

sex with your ex 8

Sex with Ex 9: Should you get back with him?

NO. Definitely not because you got some action. If there are other reasons you want to get back with him, that’s up to you.

sex with your ex 10

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