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#NewGirl: 20 Things That Happen in the First Week of College

#NewGirl: 20 Things That Happen in the First Week of College

They were the best of times - you had just stepped out of the discipline and schedule-bound school life and entered a space which promised you complete independence. The first week in college can be a dream come true for some, and an unmitigated disaster for others! There are a few things, however, that are a part of every new college student’s first week of college experience. We bring you some things we have all been through in the first few days of our college life.

1. You spend the first few days in the common room, because you don’t have a strong friends' circle yet. Yep, we’ve all been there, done that!

2. You wander into make-out spots unknowingly and get embarrassed at finding couples wrapped around each other.

first week of college

3. You attend every class. Even your subsidiaries!

first week of college

4. You mistake at least one teacher for a student and feel like an idiot.

5. You’re willing to make friends with anyone and everyone.

6. You get teased, a LOT, at  the “Fresher’s Party” by your seniors. Bored old folks can be allowed a little fun time. And the best part, you get to do the exact same thing the next year with your freshers!

7. You get lost often and are invariably late for classes. This is also the time when you discover secret smoking addas so that you won’t get into trouble if your teacher accidentally spots you!

first week of college

8. You discover the panwadi shop nearby with whom you start a khaata/tab that ends only when you leave college, years later.

9. You discover a whole new range of hot men and feel super-excited!

first week of college

11. You make friends with the guard bhaiyya because he’s your ultimate source of staff gossip.

12. You sample everything that the college canteen sells and end up with bad food poisoning.

first week of college

13. You make friends with the wrong lot and then don’t know how to get rid of them.

14. You sign up to join all college societies and freak out when you realize the amount of work you’ve just taken on!

15. You get invited to different parties after college. (And some don’t.) Deadlines to be back home? That was so school!

first week of college

16. You are christened with a ridiculous nickname (and end up being stuck with it for the next three years).

first week of college

17. You are introduced to the completely alien world of "student politics". Every party wants to sign you up.

18. You discover that the photocopy shop is a more important resource centre than the library.

19. “Getting high” gets introduced to your vocabulary and lifestyle.

first week of college

20. For the very first time in your life you are completely on your own and that sense of freedom is thrilling!

first week of college

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Published on Mar 24, 2015
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