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9 Things Men Wish We Were Completely Blunt About!

9 Things Men Wish We Were Completely Blunt About!
Admit it ladies, there are so many times when we want our partners to know what we want, without actually saying anything. Yup, and you wonder why men think we’re complicated. Can you really blame them? To avoid any further drama and unnecessary complications, we make life a bit easier with a few things that men really wish you were more blunt about. Read on, and cut the poor guy some slack!

1. When You’re Not “Fine”

The word “fine” is like a guy’s worst nightmare, and he has to rack his brain for hours to decipher what’s wrong. It will definitely save lots of time and energy if we could just be direct about what's really bothering us and if we’re upset about something so they can just concentrate on making us feel better. things men want women to be honest about

2. Whether You’re Interested Or Not

Being hot and cold may make you feel like you have the upper hand, but remember that men get bored easily. You may think you’re being a sexy enigma, but all those mind games could drive anyone crazy. Put him out of his misery and let him know if you actually do like him or not. things men want women to be honest about

3. What You Like In Bed

If you’re getting busy between the sheets then you really shouldn’t be shy about saying what you want and how you want it. We know it may make you cringe but guys love pleasing you and are open to accepting any challenge in bed. Try it, tell him what you would like him to do or not do and see how amazing you feel. Trust us! things men want women to be honest about

4. About Your Past

It’s essential that you both know each other’s history. Don’t hide your number of ex-boyfriends and sexual partners; spare him the minute-by-minute, but do let him know who and why it didn’t work out. It’ll help him understand you better and not make the same mistakes. things men want women to be honest about

5. When You’re Angry

Giving him the silent treatment or acting like everything’s ok isn’t going to help either of you. If you’re angry about something just let him know, sometimes he won’t even realize that you’re pissed till you say it loud. All we need to do is tell him how he messed up, so he can go into damage control stat. things men want women to be honest about

6. If You’re Not Comfortable With One Of His Female Friends Or Colleagues

Every girlfriend knows at least one girl who she just doesn’t like having around her boyfriend. Instead of constantly picking fights with him about silly things when he’s spending a late night at the office with her or if she’s part of the group he’s drinking with, just be honest with him about it. Don’t tell him that he’s not allowed to meet her or anything dramatic but just why she makes you uncomfortable so he can clear up those feelings of doubt and help you feel better about her. things men want women to be honest about

7. What Gift You Want

It’s not unreasonable to expect an amazing ‘surprise’ present on your birthday or anniversary, but it always helps if you give him a few pointers. Men aren’t exactly the best when it comes to shopping after all. You can’t be upset when you didn’t get what you want if you never gave him any inclination about it. A few not-so-subtle hints and generally pointing him in the right direction will not only make his life much easier but also help make your day more special. things men want women to be honest about

8. What You Want To Do And Where You Want To Go While Spending Time Together

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a movie you want to see or picking a restaurant, be vocal about what you want. It can take ages coming up with a plan, instead of shooting down his ideas and suggestions, just tell him where you want to go so you both can enjoy your date night. things men want women to be honest about

9. What You Want In Life

If you’ve been in a relationship for some time it’s only fair that you both be honest about how you see your life a few years down the line. When you want to get married, the type of career you want, where you want to live and how many kids you want. It’s important to make sure that you both are on the same page and are compatible in terms of your future plans. things men want women to be honest about GIFs: Tumblr.com, gurl.com, reshareit.com, giphy.com, buzzfeed.com MUST-READ: 10 Things Your Man Secretly Wants Out of Your Relationship MUST-READ: #WhatMenWant: 7 Surprising Things Men Find Sexy!