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Say It With Us: “We Are NOT What We Wear”

For everyone in the world who thinks it’s okay to label women based on what they’re wearing, this super ad campaign by Terre De Femmes has an answer. Created by the Swiss human rights organization in association with the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, the campaign mocks the “traditional stereotypes” about women who wear short skirts and high heels and are happy to show off some cleavage being “sluts” and whores”, and women who wear flat shoes, high-necked clothes and long dresses being “prudes” or “old-fashioned”.

terre des femmes ad campaign 1b

In three posters featuring pictures of a woman’s chest, legs and feet, with centimetre markings on one side and a “morality” scale on the other, the ads make a dramatic point about how people all too frequently choose to define the “worth” of a woman by what she chooses to wear.

terre des femmes ad campaign 2b

Well, ladies, say it with us: We are NOT what we wear.

terre des femmes ad campaign 3b


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Published on Mar 20, 2015
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