Naam Toh Suna Hoga: 18 Struggles Of Having A Common Name

Naam Toh Suna Hoga: 18 Struggles Of Having A Common Name
For all the Priyankas, Poojas, Rahuls, Rohans and everyone else who have always wished they had a more unique name, you can definitely relate with these struggles.

1. Whether it was your classmates in school, or your colleagues at work, people are always giving you pet names to differentiate you from your namesakes. Even if you hate the pet name (seriously, WHO wants to be called Poo?!), you eventually get used to it.

2. You’re used to people accidentally calling you up when they were trying to get in touch with another Seema, or Raj in their phonebook.

Struggles Of Having A Common Name

3. There have been numerous occasions when you’ve been in a public place and heard somebody call out your name only to realize they were speaking to somebody else. (And then people give you judgy looks because you just smiled widely at random strangers, and they had no idea why.)

4. You always have to be creative when coming up with a new email id or username because your name is always taken. (, anyone?)

5. People never tire of pointing out restaurants that share your name or auto rickshaws with your name on it. (Argh, we hate Rupa ganji aur baniyan SO much!)

Struggles Of Having A Common Name

6. In school and college your roll number was always before or after people with the same name and you all were seating in a line during exams. Nobody wants to blend into a sea of Aartis.

7. It’s next to impossible for your crush to find you on Facebook. No matter how much he likes you, he’s not going to go through an endless list of Pooja’s till he finds your profile.

8. You’ve often asked your parents why they couldn’t come up with a more innovative name for you while your sibling got a way cooler and more uncommon name. Life is SO unfair!

9. You know at least 3 other people who share your name but at least no one has difficulty remembering what your name is or pronounces it wrong.

Struggles Of Having A Common Name

10. You’re used to everybody calling you by your surname and introducing you by it. There are some people in your office who have been working with you for a couple months and probably don’t even know your first name as yet.

11. You’ve considered spelling your name in a unique way just to stand out from the rest. You’re still wondering if Anooshkaa is a good idea.

12. People love comparing you to Bollywood movie characters with your name. You’re tired of every guy singing Oh Priya Priya to you (if only they looked like Salman Khan!).

Struggles Of Having A Common Name

13. You feel a small connection when you meet someone who has the same name as you. You feel like you can understand the life struggles of every Divya you meet.

14. There’s at least one other person in your friends circle and extended family who has the same name. It’s a bit weird for you to address a chaachi by your own name.

15. You’ve sworn multiple times that you will make sure your kids will not go through the same. Or your sibling’s children. Or your friends’. Or anybody else’s.

16. Hearing your name on the radio makes you secretly wonder if your crush dedicated that song to you.

Struggles Of Having A Common Name

17. You get wrongly tagged in pictures all the time. Your timeline is filled with photographs that you aren’t even present in.

18. But after a point you realize that it doesn’t matter, you’re still one of a kind and your personality is unique even if your name isn’t.

Struggles Of Having A Common Name


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