#MovingOn: 10 Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Friendship

#MovingOn: 10 Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Friendship
You may have thought that you would be best friends forever as young teenagers, but as you grow up you realise that things change and people change and that’s completely normal. You drift apart from certain people you were once inseparable with and realise that your common interests are diminishing.

If you can relate to these signs then you know that you have outgrown your friends. But don’t feel guilty, it’s all just a process of growing up.

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1.You realise it’s been over 6 months since you had a long heart-to-heart on the phone.

And when you do pick up the phone, you struggle to think of something to say. Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Group of Friends

2. When you do end up spending time with them, you rarely share the important details of your life with them (and it’s the same with them).

In fact, the only reason you found out that your friend got engaged was thanks to Facebook.

3. You can’t help but admit to yourself that you get along better with other friends.

You feel more connected to these new friends, even though you haven’t known them for as long.

Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Group of Friends

4. In fact you suddenly find yourself not having much in common anymore.

You’re climbing up the professional ladder and they are more involved with their family business, their in-laws, their babies or vice-versa.

5. You’ve missed important occasions like Birthdays and Engagements ...

You didn’t show up for the last birthday and blamed it on work, but if you’re really honest with yourself you didn’t really want to go because you knew you would feel out of place.

Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Group of Friends

6. You feel like they haven’t changed at all in the last 10 years.

While you have! And for some reason, being around them makes you feel like a clueless teenager all over again.

7. They don’t really understand your interests and priorities

They weren’t excited and happy for you when you got your big promotion, instead they’re not entirely sure why you even like your job!

8. More importantly they haven’t been there when you needed them.

They’re no longer your ‘3 am panic call’ friends. You feel like you’re the only one who’s trying to make the effort to maintain the friendship .

Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Group of Friends

9. Hanging out has stopped being as fun as it used to be ...

You’re all for partying till 2 am and gossiping about boys, but it’s started to get old and you wish they’d agree to do something different for a change!

10. Sometimes you feel you’re still friends only because of how long you’ve known each other

You used to be extremely close when you were younger, but you’ve grown apart as adults with different lives and different interests.

Sometimes friends grow apart even though at one point in your life you meant a lot to each other. Even if you aren’t as close today, you will still cherish all those fond memories and crazy times you had together.

Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Group of Friends

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