It's For Your Own Good: Signs You Had Overprotective Parents

It's For Your Own Good: Signs You Had Overprotective Parents
“No” was their favourite word for a reason. They said it in the name of love and for your own good. No matter how much you resented them for it, you know now that it’s only because they cared about you. Having said all that, strict parenting didn’t make growing up any easier, or fun. If you have grown up with overprotective parents, then you will definitely relate to this list!

1. Your curfew was 10 p.m. If you came home later than that, there would be calls every five minutes!

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2. You couldn’t step out of the house at night without some serious cross-examination.

3. Telling them that you liked a guy, or bringing one home to chill was both embarrassing and taboo. Unless, he was a cousin or something.

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4. You spent your teens being super-jealous of all your friends who had “cool parents”.

5. There was lots of fighting, arguing and pleading when you wanted to get a tattoo or your tongue pierced.

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6. All your friends who had more freedom than you were termed “bad influences” by your mummy-papa.

7. You have been this situation at least once: you went for a trip with your boyfriend, came back to the city, got all your girlfriends together, clicked a few photos and showed them to your mom as proof. Proof of what? Well, when your parents were told you were going on an all-girls trip, they were bound to ask for photos!

8. They actually think they have been very liberal with you and never fail to remind you how strict their parents were.

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9. You didn’t learn how to drive nor travel alone, because there was always a driver or a parent to escort you.

10. Long phone conversations during exams were always frowned upon.

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11. All your guy friends had been re-christened with girl names. You were always out with Rohini aka Rohan and Maya instead of Mohit.

12. After school, you couldn’t go anywhere without your mom calling to ask if you had reached safely, and then a few hours later, to know when you would be back home.

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13. You weren’t allowed to sleep over at a friend’s house for more than one night in row. Your parents would promptly come to pick you up the next morning - they said they missed you too much!

14. “Mom and Dad, I’m going to study/ work on a project at a friend’s place” has been the most used excuse of all time!

15. Your parents weren't comfortable with you going away to study or ever moving out of home.

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16. You’re 25 years old and you still can’t tell your parents the truth about just how many drinks you can down in one night.

17. When you ask them to stop being protective, their answer is: “We do this only because we love you!” - and we now know that it’s true.

18. In spite of all the restrictions, those nights you spent at home studying while your friends were out partying, and all the times you pushed yourself to work harder to make your parents proud, they have shaped you into the hard-working and responsible girl you are today. With time, you and your parents have learnt to accept each and other have become friends. And you have your parents and all their love and rules to thank for that!

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