Is He a Keeper? Signs You're Dating a True Gentleman

Is He a Keeper? Signs You're Dating a True Gentleman
Been on a few dates? Like the guy, but not sure if he’s got what it takes? Well, here’s our guide to help you figure out if the guy you’re dating is worth holding on to! We can’t promise he’ll be the one, but at the very least you’ll have a charming and pampered few months! ;)

1. On the first date…

It was more about you than about him. He asked you about what you liked, your opinion on things, your interests etc. Plus, he snuck in a few charming compliments about how lovely you looked. Sounds about right? Tick!

dating a gentleman 1

2. When you got very drunk at a party...

His first reaction was to get worried, round up your close friends and to try and stop you from drinking more! Plus he made absolutely sure he dropped you right till your doorstep. And all he wanted was a peck on the cheek. (Awww…)

3. When you told him you wanted to take your relationship to the next level ...

He didn’t look at you in horror, and had a mature conversation with you about what you both wanted and expected from the relationship.

4. When he texted you in the middle of a busy day ...

You saw the text but couldn’t respond right away because you’d just been called into a meeting or been given a ton of stuff to do asap! Instead of getting an annoyed follow up text, his response when you spoke on the phone later was “Must’ve been a busy day”. No unnecessary drama? Check!

5. When it’s about getting busy between the sheets.

There was no pressure at all, and it all happened really naturally. And even though the sex is good, you know it’s not the only thing on his mind when you go home together!

dating a gentleman 6

6. When you’re out with your family and accidentally bump into him..

He didn’t pretend not to see you. In fact he came over, introduced himself to everyone and even complimented your mum! Double tick!!

7. When you argue about something...

When you argue, it’s always in private, never in public! He doesn’t raise his voice at you and is not childish and will admit to a mistake if it really is his fault.

dating a gentleman 3

8. When you feel guilty about messing up and want to apologize...

He never makes you grovel, he simply accepts the apology gives you a big hug and moves on!

9. When you introduce him to your really close friends...

He remembers all their names and makes the effort to speak to all of them. He even quizzes some of them about you, and what you used to be like in school / college!

10. When you’re unsure about an outfit and ask his opinion...

He’s careful with what he says, he understands just how important the question is! His most likely response is a mixture of honesty and sensitivity. e.g. if it really isn’t the right outfit, he might say something like “Why don’t you wear the red dress you wore at dinner that night. You looked so stunning in it!”

Dating a getleman 8

11. When he tells you about his ex...

He doesn’t trash her. He’s honest without being bitchy about why things didn’t work out between them.

12. When he has to cancel on you at the last moment

It’s not a text saying  “I can’t make it”. He calls and apologizes and gives you a convincing explanation about why he needs to cancel. Plus, he makes up for it by adding something special the next time you meet!

Dating a gentleman 12

13. When you meet his friends at a party…

They all already know who you are, and are excited to meet you! They offer to get you refills of your drink / food. Basically you’re the centre of attention and your guy couldn’t be happier to have you by his side!

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