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14 Signs You Are a Hot, Hot Mess!

14 Signs You Are a Hot, Hot Mess!
You bend the rules, have a whimsical sense of fashion, and party like a rockstar every weekend - and pretty much through the work week too. And somehow, instead of looking hammered the day after, you manage to look pretty damn good. Here are 14 signs you’re a hot mess, in case you doubted it!

1. You make heads turn, even after arriving at a party with bed-head!

hot mess 1

2. You’re so awesome, you can make your makeup from the previous night last for all of the next day.

hot mess 2

3. No matter how wacky your outfit - military fatigues with a sequinned tank - you always manage to make a fashion statement!

hot mess 3

4. Your text messages are never boring, thanks to your super-creative emojis! Truth is, you’re too busy with a hundred other things to type out long sentences, but you know just the right emoji to insert instead.

hot mess 4

5. You’ve got calls (on more than one occasion) from unknown numbers from people claiming to have spoken to you the night before, but you have absolutely no recollection of it. This doesn’t stop you from having a fun conversation anyway!

hot mess 5

6. You kind of live with your family. Or at least you sleep in the same house. Occasionally. Maybe 2 nights in a week. Well, that’s where your closet is.

hot mess 6

7. People always look at your feet to see what you’re wearing. You’ve been known to show up at work in hawai chappals, sneakers, your old Bata school shoes(!), 5-inch stilettos and, once, hotel bathroom slippers.

hot mess 7

8. You’re the first person your friends turn to when they go through a breakup and are in need of a wild night out. You’re guaranteed to provide them entertainment yourself, if the band doesn’t show up!

hot mess 8

9. You’ve mastered the art of hastily put-together looks. You’ve probably used a scarf, a belt and a lipstick to make a killer post-work party outfit.

hot mess 9

10. You regularly misplace your car keys, but then getting home has never been a problem. You ALWAYS manage to find a new friend to hitch a ride with.

hot mess 10

11. You live on burgers, pizzas, kathi rolls, donuts and ice-cream. It’s safe to say you have not quite mastered the art of cooking, unless Maggi counts!

hot mess 11

12. You can’t be bothered to take off your nail paint even it’s badly chipped. You just fill in the spaces with new colours and start a whole new trend instead.

hot mess 12

13. No one expects you to be on time anywhere, ever. But they never get the chance to be mad at you because you have such amazingly dramatic stories to tell about why you’re late! (“I got out of the autorickshaw, and a cow licked me!”)

hot mess 13

14. When people tell you how crazy your life is, you just point them to Kesha’s “Tik Tok”!
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