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#PetPeeve: 13 Reasons Why We HATE Shaving!

Anasuya Ray Chaudhuri

Guest Contributor

So, body hair removal is something most of us are pretty obsessed with. And it IS a damn challenge. And while waxing serves us well most of the time, what we wouldn’t give for a session of pain-free hair removal, without the suffering of having our hair yanked out by the roots! And if you thought shaving was the alternative, trust us when we tell you: it’s NOT. Here are 13 reasons why we absolutely, totally, from the bottom of our hearts, HATE shaving!

1. One word: BRISTLES.


2. It may take only 15-20 minutes, but sometimes it feels like the hair is growing back just as quickly!

3. When you shave your underarm, and then a prickly little stubble grows back while you're on a date, you have to REALLY resist the urge to scratch yourself! NOT the impression you were going for. (It’s almost impossible to describe the joy of discovering a handy little hair-removal cream that lets you bypass these embarrassing situations!)


4. It’s just impractical to shave certain more sensitive parts of your body - the bikini region in particular. You have to have the hands of a surgeon. And nerves of steel.

5. It’s SO difficult when you travel! And you don’t really want to mess up the bathroom if you’re sharing…

6. Also, did we mention dryness? Yeah, you have to moisturize regardless of what form of hair removal technique you use, but it feels like a razor strips off ALL moisture from your skin. It is not fun to constantly fight the urge to sneakily rub some lotion on your legs while you’re sitting in a meeting.

7. Ever tried wearing tights - or even nylon stockings - a few days after you’ve shaved? It’s hell. Your legs are probably going to be red by the time you’re back home and undressing.


8. We are not contortionists. So reaching that annoying little bit at the back of your arm takes patience and years of honing your twist-and-shave skills. In fact, you probably have to be born with a special talent to do this successfully and painlessly.

9. Band-Aid to cover little nicks is never a good look. (Which is why you need a non-violent cream to make sure people are checking out your muscle tone and not wondering which barbed wire fence you had an intimate encounter with.)

10. And no, smooth-shaving razors don’t help protect you against cuts either, given how easy it is to actually get distracted, what with people pounding on the bathroom door and accusing you of clogging the drains. (Especially if you're a little bit tipsy when you're at it!)

11. Winter = sitting in the bathroom, covered in cold lather, running a blade across your body with numb and trembling fingers. The very thought makes us shiver.


12. Cleaning your razor and getting the itty-bitty little bits of hair out - there needs to be a special school for teaching people how to do that right.

13. Picture this: you’re in the middle of a hot makeout sesh, and then suddenly, while he is running his fingers along your arm, there’s a little pause while his finger picks out a particularly devious hair you missed… MOOD-KILLER. (Pick Veet for smooth and soft skin. Even if it doesn’t work out in the long run, you’ll know that at least your arm-stubble is not responsible for it!)


* This is a sponsored post for Veet  India

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Published on Mar 27, 2015
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