You'll LOVE this Girl's Brutally Honest Shaadi Profile!

You'll LOVE this Girl's Brutally Honest Shaadi Profile!
Indhuja Pillai is a 23 year old software engineer from Bangalore. She's well qualified, very ambitious and works for a startup. Her parents want her to get married, but she isn't interested because she wants to use this time to focus on her personal goals instead.


Does this situation sound familiar?

When Indhu saw the matrimony profile that her parents created for her, she was immediately put off because she felt that it made her sound “like the kind of girl who was desperate to get married”. So, she took matters into her own hands - took it down and created her own matrimony profile. She set up and it soon caught the attention of everyone around her.

Indhuja says that the website was created with the intention of “making her parents’ job simpler by passing this link instead of my bio and ‘goodness forsaken’ horoscope”

indhujaHer spunky website is brutally honest about her views on life, and about how she is as a person. She’s very upfront about the fact that she’s a tomboy, and goes on to say that  she is An eggitarian, not a foodie. I play badminton, sing and dance. I wear glasses and look dorky in them. Not a spendthrift or a shopaholic. Detest masala & drama, not a TV fan. I don't read. Friendly but I don't prefer friendship. NOT a womanly woman. Definitely not marriage material. Won't grow long hair, ever. I come with a life-long guarantee and I commit for life”  

Indhuja, a self confessed loner, goes on to say that she is currently looking for “A man, preferably bearded, who is passionate about seeing the world. Someone who earns for himself and does NOT hate his job. Must be flexible with his parents, also means, it's better if he is NOT a family guy. Extra points to the one who hates kids. Points for a great voice and an impressive personality. Should be able to hold a conversation for atleast 30 minutes.”

What’s interesting is that her parents are now of the opinion that her website makes sense and actually do pass this out to prospective matches! She has received a lot of love from girls her age who have left comments on her page, calling her “an inspiration”. Indhuja says that the success of her page can only be attributed to the fact that “people like genuine guts. They respect confident and free women, in the right way”.  

Girl, more power to you!