10 Problems You Face If You Are Dating a Sports Fan!

10 Problems You Face If You Are Dating a Sports Fan!
Whether it’s waking up for games for games that begin in the middle of the night, or staying in during game nights, here are ten problems that anyone who is in a relationship with a sports fan can relate to!

1. They get offended if you don’t support their team

If they’re not offended, then they’re probably looking down you because everyone knows that Manchester United/ Chennai Super Kings/ LA Lakers are the best!

dating a sports fan (10)

2. Your dates are dependent on games

“But we can’t have dinner with your parents that Saturday, there’s a really important game that night!”

dating a sports fan 2

3. Their idea of a romantic date is essentially the two of you staying in to watch Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

At least you get to decide what food to order. Because they’re too busy to care.

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4. Thanks to them, you know every sports bar/ cafe in the city

And all your friends come to you for reviews before they go there.

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5. You still don’t know how to react when they get upset after a loss

But you’ve learnt that “Why so serious? It’s just a game!” is not the right answer.

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6. Whenever a World Cup comes along, you feel like you’re in a long-distance relationship

Or you just get used to staying indoors (for a long, long time) with them.

dating a sports fan (7)


7. Planning a vacation abroad is impossible without them trying to sneak in a stadium tour

“What’s the point of going all the way to Barcelona if we can’t go to Camp Nou?”

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8. Their idea of a great birthday present is getting you a personalized jersey

“It’s not just any jersey, it’s a No. 10 jersey! Ten! Ten-dulkar! Isn’t it awesome?”

dating a sports fan (2)

9. You don’t understand their pre-game “rituals”

From getting tense six hours before the actual game to sitting in their “lucky” chair - it’s total madness! (But don’t ever tell them that.)

dating a sports fan (8)

10. Thanks to them, you know way more about sports than you did before

Even if you’re not watching the game with them, you find yourself inadvertently checking the score!

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